A PHOTO of Maria Sharapova before the angels: the former tennis player is pregnant with her first child

More than two years after the end of her career, former tennis champion Maria Sharapova announced she is pregnant with her first child on Tuesday, April 19, 2022, on Instagram on the occasion of her 35th birthday. Belly already rounded…

Maria Sharapova is about to open a new chapter in her life. More than two years ago, February 26, 2020, multiple tennis champion announced his retirement in an essay published on websites Vanity Fair and fashion. “Tennis, I say goodbye to you” she wrote, weakened by her injuries, before continuing: “By giving my life to tennis, tennis gave me life. I will miss him every day. I will miss training and my daily routine: waking up at dawn, lacing my left shoe in front of my right, and closing the court door before hitting my first ball of the day. I will miss my team, my coaches. I will miss those days when I sat with my dad on the bench on the training field. Handshakes – win or lose – and the athletes, whether they know it or not, pushed me to be the best.”

Maria Sharapova announced her pregnancy

Maria Sharapova then admitted that she wants to devote herself to her beloved: “In the meantime, there is something simple that I am looking forward to: feeling of peace with my family. Sitting down for a morning cup of coffee. Unexpected weekend getaway. Workouts of my choice (hello dance class!).

It would seem that Maria Sharapova fulfilled her dream. Former tennis player announced she was pregnant with her first childthis Tuesday, April 19, 2022 on Instagram on the occasion of his 35th birthday. “A precious undertaking! Eating birthday cake for two has always been my specialty.” she captioned a photo of her at the beach. In this frame of happiness, Internet users can see her slightly rounded belly. News that filled his fans with joy. “Oh, Maria! I’m so happy for you! This is amazing news. Congrats on Alex! And all the best to you three!”, read among the comments. Since December 2020, Maria Sharapova has been engaged to his companion Alexander Gilks. Soon they will be offered a new life, for their greatest happiness…

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