A rare woman who put an end to Michael Jordan!

A great seducer before the eternal, Michael Jordan wielded almost unlimited power over the fair sex during his heyday in the 1990s. But one day, His Air had to suffer a bitter blow from a celebrity… who finally told the circumstances of the story.

A real demigod in the years of the Ox, at a time when the lack of social networks only increased his mystique, Michael Jordan won the status of an icon in the country of Uncle Sam. So in his prime, His Air did not hesitate to use his celebrity, in particular, leading an unbridled nightlife, adorned with many female conquests over the years.

Michael Jordan hitchhikes with actress

If most young women dream of falling into his arms, MJ doesn’t have a perfect measure of success. Discussed? One Garcelle Beauvais, Haitian-American actress, model, and writer.

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In his recently published book “Love me for who I am”, Beauvais talks about a date with Michael Jordan in the private part of the golf club. And obviously, the charm of the number 23 quickly did its job:

I was struck by its size and beauty. He invited me on a golf “date” after one of my photo shoots and showed me how to hold the club and how to swing.

On the basis of this first success, His Airborne Highness handed over the second and some time later invited the actress for a romantic stay in Hawaii. A little frightened by the situation, Garcel Beauvais refused and broke off relations with Jordan, whose invitation went unanswered.

Many years later, recalling this episode to write her autobiography, the actress nevertheless admitted that she regrets that she did not take advantage of the experience with Her Majesty:

As a somewhat naive little girl, I was horrified and appalled at the thought of going to Hawaii with a man I had just met. I really screwed up on this!

If he’s made countless women fall under his spell over the years, Michael Jordan will have a hell of a time with Garcel Beauvais. Small consolation for MJ: the actress seems to retroactively regret her rejection. It’s always mistaken for the ego of a Hall of Famer…

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