A trio of women behind the G-League’s most athletic team

Small G-League event next night. The College Park Skyhawks will take on the Capital City Go-Gos in Game 1 of the playoffs. The special thing about this elimination match is that both teams have a woman as a GM on their management team. There is no other such example in the development league.

Amber Nichols was selected by Go-Go in January 2021, with Tori Miller taking over on the Hawks-affiliated team a few months earlier.

Every day I feel a huge responsibility.”evidenced by the one who became the first woman in G-League history to hold this GM position. “This is a position that I do not take lightly. I want to succeed because I know that it can affect future generations. So it’s a responsibility, but it’s nice. It’s a challenge. It’s fun, challenging and rewarding at the same time. »

A pioneer in her position, she’s not the only woman to be empowered by the Georgia franchise. Kelly German is part of the team’s medical staff as the gym coach, and Janice Kuhn is the vice president in charge of most day-to-day operations.

Three women in key positions in a professional franchise are rare, including in this league, where a woman, Stephanie Reedy, has nonetheless served as an assistant since 2001, and Nancy Lieberman was “Texas Legends head coach in 2010.”

Something banal coming soon?

It’s extremely important.”Judge Kelly Herman. “In the world we live in today, in the society we are in, a lot of things are becoming clearer, and so many people – not just women and women of color, but people around the world – are saying to themselves, “You know what, I can do it too. do it.” And seeing the roles we play and bringing attention to it makes the world understand, “If they can do it, why can’t I?” »

The three leaders explain that they never had a chance to discuss their overall situation. They are defined primarily by their work. ” For most of my young career, I almost kept my role to a minimum. I just wanted to get the job done. And I never thought about being a woman. I thought that I was doing a job. I wasn’t looking at anything else Janice Kuhn says

However, these three women shed light on how the College Park Skyhawks make it to the finals as the strongest team in the development league, with 11 straight wins and a season-high 20-win finish. 13 losses.

To see if the success of this franchise will give ideas to top floor teams tempted by the feminization of their management teams. Tori Miller believes that ” all it takes is an NBA team to believe it, and maybe in five years we won’t have this conversation. Maybe in five years we will see more women in these positions. That’s what keeps me going, the thought that one day it might become commonplace. »

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