Acrobat and acrobat, such is Corentin Felu, the libero of Illac

A few months after his arrival in Saint-Jean-d’Illac from the club’s training center…

A few months after arriving in Saint-Jean-d’Illac from the training center of the Hérault club, he won his starting strips with great confidence and above average physical and mental qualities. On a wooden floor or in everyday life, it vibrates. He cannot stay put. Hyperactive with impressive explosive power. He moves at breakneck speed and loves diving, rescuing incredible balloons and getting back on the move. Sometimes an acrobat, often an aerialist.

Full commitment

His trainer, Aniss Geshu, quickly identified the qualities of his nugget: “He is a small bundle of nerves, he goes at breakneck speed, he is explosive and very effective. We’re trying to make sure that his showy side doesn’t intrude in moments when serenity needs to be unleashed. In his position as a libero, you need to be able to calm him down. When you’re everywhere and nowhere, it can be difficult. So all of a sudden you need to put things in perspective, it’s better to read situations, but he has total commitment and is able to change situations and dynamics and that’s valuable in a group. »

Corentin Felu did not wait a number of years to find his place in the sun: “I started playing volleyball at the age of 13-14 at MUC, returned to Poland before joining the training center. I come from a family of athletes. My father was a volleyball player, my sister still plays, and my mother played handball. I did not take up volleyball right away, I started with football and tennis, but quickly went to gyms, and volleyball was imposed on me. “

He always wanted to develop as a libero, not all of his mentors: “This is just my third season in which I develop as a libero. This is a position that I have always loved because I admired what Zhenya Grebennikov did (ed. note: Olympic champion with France at the Tokyo Games). The first two years I was a libero, but when I returned to the Pole, I was put in as a setter. In fact, I have always wanted to change jobs, but in these three years I have not had the opportunity. When I was able to find the job I dreamed of, I was transformed. »

“Protection is what fascinates me. I give 100% and take responsibility.”

At Illac, he signed a professional challenger, as did Augustin Guérin. The two partners seem to have filled in all the fields in order to be offered a professional contract in the offseason. Of course, Corentin Fehl had to wait, show what he was capable of in training, before pretending to integrate the Major Six. A period he lived through well: “When I arrived, my goal was to take everything that could be taken. To live the whole season with a professional group, to make all the trips, to find out what the League B championship is … Then Aniss was able to trust me, and I will try to repay the same. »

Mission: to be infallible

When asked about the qualities of a good open Libero: “He should be reassuring towards the team, ambitious, but also spectacular and demonstrative. I am hyperactive, a little overexcited, this is from my mom, who was like that in her youth. Then, it’s my nature, when I’m in sports, I’m very competitive. As for me, I moved to this position more for protection. This is what worries me. And I give 100% and take responsibility. You must have a special reading of the game, be in anticipation. »

At 21, he also stands out as the head of defense, because he has his own little character, a good guy: “I’m in charge behind. Every attacker and every opposing server has specific zones, so I have to place myself in the correct zones and ensure good reception. The goal of the Libero is to miss as few aces as possible and make a spectacular defense. He must most often be infallible on these two points. “

On the Sunday ahead of the return semi-final against St. Nazaire, he will also have to go all out to hopefully catch the St. Nazaire cannibal and offer underdog Illacheza a support match where anything can happen. And what can we trust

A game

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