Adidas: all macroism in one look?

On the Champs-Élysées, sportswear brand Adidas is promoting inclusivity with photos of two athletes: one is a transgender, the other is an Islamist! Our reviewer thinks that this disgusting demonstration fits in well with Macronian France.

The image is a perfect synthesis of this “progressivism”, which has nothing to do with progress.

“Convergence of interests of the market and society” the association “Unité Laïque” aptly sums it up.

“Adidas is showcasing a trans woman who plays women’s volleyball and a woman who won the right to play fundamentalist hijab basketball. Where are the free women? Invisible! Canceled! » continues “Lay Unit”, which is outraged on the social network Twitter.

It’s all there, really. This is a double negation of women, first of all, as a gender and their human dignity. This transmilitarism is a caricatured embodiment of the triumph of the whim of subjectivity over reality. Now we’re talking about “people who are menstruating” and it has become “transphobic” to be surprised that women’s swimming prizes are won by someone who has had male puberty, the XY gene and a penis. Everything is false, everything is allowed.

Multiculturalism and dangerous relativism

These advertisements are a trivialization of Islamization. Islamization is normalizing. We are presented with the permanent exaltation of the symbol of the denial of freedom by theocratic totalitarianism as freedom! But the EU has already taught us that “freedom in hijab”and our candidate from the Republican Front, traveling to Strasbourg on April 12, finds that “That’s what’s beautiful” that a woman is both a feminist and a veiled one.

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Therefore, multiculturalism and relativism, since all cultures have equal civil rights, it does not matter that they violate human dignity. Communitarianism, the destruction of a universal, common national identity and citizenship, the archipelago of a society divided into marketing segments for both clothes and voices, where everyone can feel represented and interested only by the person from the oppressed micro-minority with whom they identify. The fusion of everything in the infernal crucible of advertising, the rejected humanity of those who are no more than consumers of the world, commercial interests that dress in the markers of fashionable “virtue” to cover their complete absence of the slightest moral feeling. The icing on the cake is Adidas, a company “rescued” by the relocations of Bernard Tapie, whose proximity to Mitterrand perfectly reflects the years at hand, and this teacher of lessons has remained at the root of a very large part of today’s problems.

First ascents armed with Adidas

And at this time, another embodiment of the same “progressivism”, in the quasi-unanimity of the de facto one party, flaunts the candidate of multiculturalism, the “feminist hijab”, hailed by the Muslim Brotherhood, “leaders of the rope” – and the rest “left only to cross street”; a candidate who tramples on education, the hospital, the security system and the entire social heritage of the National Council of Resistance so that people become captive clients of private providers, escheat torches of public services; a candidate who presses the people with taxes in order to finance the “tribute to the barbarians” and patronage gifts to all the courted “minorities”; candidate for McKinsey and sale to Alstom; a candidate who “blocks”, his supporters brandish the bogey of a far-fetched threat to prosecute anyone who does not slavishly repeat their linguistic elements for “condescension to Nazism”.

Emmanuel Macron is Callicles, the anti-Socrates, and the Adidas showcase is the perfect embodiment of what he wants to do with France!

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