Aisha Curry and Savannah James crushed by Harden’s ex!

The wives of NBA superstars Stephen Curry and LeBron James, Aisha and Savannah, have come under fire from former Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden.

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With such a specific lifestyle, it is difficult for NBA stars to create a family on a solid foundation. Stephen Curry and LeBron James, however, did well, which didn’t stop their wives, Aisha and Savannah, from being recently destroyed by…James Harden’s ex-girlfriend!

If the fame that comes with being an NBA player is something some might envy, then the fame that comes from the wives of those same players is just as desirable. Indeed, acquaintance with the star of the league allows you to clearly gain popularity, from which, for example, women Stephen Curry and LeBron James, Aisha and Savannah. However, not everything is always rosy in the life of the latter.

The scandalous fame of their husbands, as far as possible, sometimes leads to the birth of incendiary rumors about their marriage. This is especially true in recent months. While Steph and Aisha’s union was the subjectevidence that calls into question their loveLeBron for his part had to face big accusations of cheating many times. And this phenomenon is clearly not ready to stop!

Brittany Renner nukes Ayesha Curry and Savannah James

A few days ago, the sultry Brittany Renner, former girlfriend of James Harden, was interviewed by NFL star Cam Newton. In the last, advocate dismantling the lifestyle of a young woman, much less neat than Aisha or Savannah. Renner, however, didn’t want to give up and responded on Twitter to the bullying by dropping a huge bomb!

Some women prefer to suck cock and shut up, some don’t. “Marriage is a business” for many women, yes, some of them are going to play this game. Most cheat on their wives with girls who don’t even look like them!

True, Renner never mentions the names of Curry and James in his message. However, the fact that she directly responds to a tweet mentioning Ayesha and Savannah prompts netizens to draw parallels with Steph and LeBron’s wives. In any case, it is difficult to establish the veracity of this testimony, both ex-Hardens share his behavior in the NBA community.

The infidelity rumors associated with the NBA’s biggest stars are definitely not a thing of the past. Brittany Renner went there with her noise in the hallway, which could well have bothered Aisha Curry and Savannah James!

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