Bourges to wear special jersey against Angers to denounce violence against women

Sunday at the Prado de Bourges, to see orange jerseys, tango’s favorite color, you’ll have to look elsewhere than on the floor. To face Angers in the women’s league (18:00), the Berruyers swapped their usual tunic for a special jersey and a bold message. On the sidelines of this 18th day of the championship, Elodie Godin, Letizia Guapo and their teammates want to condemn violence against women.

We met in December, the players and all the women of the club, to present this jersey together and share our ideas. The designer understood the message we wanted to convey very well. We also wanted it to be 3919 (on a warm-up jersey) number available to women victims of violence to show that they can be helped says Captain Elodie Godin. The tunic was introduced on March 8, for International Women’s Day.

Compliance in favor of a reliable structure

Come out of orange so the Berruyers will play blue and purple against Angers. Carefully thoughtful choice of colors. ” We made this choice to ditch our color for this match to opt for two dull colors that also symbolize bruised physical abuse and psychological abuse. “, adds President Agnès Saint-Ges. Several statistics about this abuse will appear on the jersey, such as: “There are 94,000 rapes or attempted rapes per year, but only 12% of victims file a complaint.”

The Berruyers, the leaders of the women’s league with a 12 consecutive win streak, will also get extra motivation to keep gaining momentum. Each point scored will earn 10 euros for the CIDFF (Information Center for Women and Families Rights), whose president will open the meeting. The jerseys worn by the players will then be auctioned off in favor of the same structure.

It is a pride to wear this jersey. We remain professional players, we will approach this match the same as the others, but we want to win and score as many points as possible to support this association. “concludes Elodie Gaudin. Third LFB attack (84.6 points per game), Bourges can offer CIDFF a substantial envelope.

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