Brokerage: Henner Sports sold to Miller

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The Henner Group has just announced that it has sold its entire Henner Sports subsidiary to UK broker Miller. This operation should allow the professional sports insurance specialist to accelerate its international development.

British Miller, who left WTW at the end of 2020, has just acquired the entirety of Henner Sports, a subsidiary of three-color broker Henner. “This sale provides a strong long-term continuity for Henner Sports. With this operation, Henner wanted to allow Henner Sports to integrate a strategic industrial project into the sports insurance brokerage sector, which remains a distinct business from the group’s business.we can read in the press release.

The tricolor professional sports insurance specialist reports an annual turnover of 4.4 million euros for almost 750 professional footballers, including 70% of the French national football team and 11 teams, including several in Ligue 1. Above all, this operation should allow Henner Sports, which operates both as a (re)insurance broker and underwriting agency with full contract management delegation to accelerate its international growth and resize. In fact, Miller covers almost every major Premier League club in the United Kingdom and several major European sports organizations with a portfolio of around 2,000 athletes.

According to Charles Robinet-Duffo, Chairman and CEO of Henner Group: this operation is an excellent opportunity for the Henner Sport teams to ensure long-term continuity by joining a team that is already strong in the same sector, which furthermore shares the same values ​​as ours regarding the importance of capitalizing on the employees who have made this success activities “.

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