Buell SuperTouring 1190 Sport Tourer

Prototype shown at Daytona, production model for next fall

72° V-Twin, 1190 cc, 185 hp, 137 Nm

Prototype Buell SuperTouring 1190Back from the grave after yet another bankruptcy, Buell Motorcycle officially returned to business last year, unveiling its expansion plans and launching the sporty Hammerhead 1190 RX in the fall, a modified version of the EBR 1190 RX launched nearly 10 years ago. .

But with this return to the motorcycle market, the brand’s new team is not going to be limited to what the American manufacturer already knows how to do, limited to sports cars and roadsters. So from the very beginning, the new Buell (which rides without Eric, its founder) announced that it would be making a road bike and even an off-road bike.

Thus, the former was teased from the very beginning with the visual representation of a 3D motorcycle representing a maxi-trail with a massive look and an original front end with two round headlights, highlighted by a strip of LEDs in a cubic design. giving the whole look a vintage robot toy.

This Super Touring 1190, Buell just unveiled it as a prototype at Daytona Bike Week, along with a prototype of their Baja DR off-road model. It is clear that the American manufacturer has remained very faithful to the design that was presented initially.

The 1190 SuperTouring introduced last year
SuperTouring 1190 introduced last year

The SuperTouring 1190 also seems to remain very close to the EBR technical base of the last decade, as the rims, frame, swingarm or even the oversized front brake disc and reservoir remain strictly identical. The prototype even forgoes its mixed tires in favor of Pirelli sports tires… The 1190cc 72-degree V-twin, however, puts out 185 horsepower and 137 Nm of torque here.

With changes made from the original design, the SuperTouring is now truly positioned as a Sport Tourer rather than a road trailer that leaves the door open for a few road trips.

In the near future, the model will be available for booking on the manufacturer’s website through a $25 deposit. Buell plans to sell this SuperTouring 1190 in the fall for $21,995 pre-tax (about €20,180).

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