Castelnaudary. “Women Fighters” M.-L. Buisson, Godmother of Strong Heads.

The most important
She is the godmother of the 4th Foreign Regiment of Castelnaudary. Former business lawyer Marie-Laure Buisson signs the first book of Women Fighters at the Presses de la Cité.

They have different backgrounds… The Indian Princess Noor joined the British Secret Service in 1942, as did the poetess Hanna, who fled anti-Semitic Hungary. The aristocrat Susan Travers followed de Gaulle’s men to Bir Hakeim, becoming the only woman among 3,826 Free French Forces and 287 legionnaires. Geneviève de Galard, a nurse, went to help the wounded in Dien Bien Phu. Lili, a 20-year-old Soviet woman, was friends with the Nazi pilots while defending Stalingrad. Jihanne, a Kurd, saw a bounty on her head while fighting ISIS. Cassiope, a young French army captain, a spy in the context of Operation Barhane, traveled and navigated dangers in Mali.

Dedicated to his daughters and godchildren from the Quartet.

For her first book, Marie-Laure Buisson chose to tell the story of seven outstanding women, exemplary heroines who have become famous from World War II to the present day. The book, which has just been published, is already a huge success. “It’s a huge amount of work, three years of research, reading, meetings, trips, trips. It was my project and I didn’t know if anyone would be interested in it. I did it for myself and to say thank you to these women. out of gratitude. It was unthinkable for me that they should have sunk into oblivion. They all inspired me,” says Marie-Laure Buisson, who dedicated it to her daughters and goddaughters from the Foreign Regiment of Castelnaudary. “In short, my family,” she sums up.

She immersed herself in their story and takes us with her, talking about her characters with passion and respect. “Genevieve de Galard… I was in Dien Bien Phu, I heard explosions, and I wondered what she could feel. The same with a fighter pilot. The greatest battle of mankind in a sky full of planes? How could a 20-year-old. .. an old, blond, blue-eyed girl, a 1.50 m baby with a hot temper, decided to go to war because she could not stand the aggression of her country? Aviation is her passion, aviation! She will fight in the air and become the horror of the Nazis in the sky. This still unbelievable, and yet so few people know his name.” She continues with Cassiopi: “Pseudonym,” a young Air Force captain who immersed herself in Tuareg women, went all over vein to do reconnaissance, and eventually identified leader of the terrorists and prevented the attack.A very brave, pretty little young woman who took a huge risk in her life.

“Fighters by nature”

“We are all very fighters by nature; women are very resilient. Among these women, I admire most those who fought or supported the troops themselves, such as Geneviève de Galard in Dien Bien Phu. women are completely immersed in the paroxysmal situations of war, and I chose women who could choose safety. Jihanne, a Kurd, was almost mortally wounded in 2012, don’t care about her, we are not finishing her, but we are going to let her bleed. Miraculously she survives and she takes up arms again and goes to command the Kurdish battalions until the liberation of Raqqa. a very great heroine, whose story no one has told so far. What would our life be like if they were not there? each with its own character, for me, they are the face of the same woman with this pugnacity, this self-giving. They don’t have to look for recognition for what they did. However, they came from the pen of Marie-Laure Buisson, who signed a masterful work there and which, in the light of current events, where we see these Ukrainian women with weapons in their hands, defending their country, takes on a very special dimension. . A book about extraordinary women, written by an equally extraordinary woman. Marie-Laure Buisson, with her foundation, fights for the wounded and oppressed by the war.

Fighting Women by Marie-Laure Buisson at the Presses de la Cité. 350 pages, 21 euros.

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