Chateaubriand: a trio of athletes goes on a crazy raid and is looking for sponsors

Raid trade winds
Marin Kave (right), a former cyclist from Chateaubriand (Loire Atlantic), joins Jordan (center) and Liz on the adventure of the Reid de Alizes. ©DR

They want to conquer Raid Alize. Marine Cave, 24 young sportswoman Chateaubriand (Loire Atlantic), his childhood friend Jordan, 22, from Savenay (Loire-Atlantique) and Liz, 24, from Sourinère (Loire-Atlantique), have just taken on a new sporting challenge.

in a trio of young women want to participate in this adventure 100% female, in Martinique. competition will take place in November 2022, within three days, and will offer various tests, which were kept secret until the last moment, in trail, mountain bike and canoe.

“We don’t know what we are going to do as an activity and where. This is the principle of this competition. It will be a surprise,” declares the cheerful Marine Cavé. “The three of us at every event, we leave together, we must come together. »

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Done to the association

Their team Pens, this is part 75 trios signed up for this 2022 edition. All participate in this adventure as an association. Participating teams will share like thiseven €25,000, who will be distributed according to the results of each.

All three chose the association Khandinat Nazairi region with them on their adventures. Nazaire Sports Association advocates for inclusion by opening its club for people with disabilities as well as healthy people. “Due to training as lifeguards, Jordan and Liz completed an internship with the association and when they thought about participating in Raid des Alizés, they immediately thought of highlighting the association,” says Marin Cave, sports equipment sales manager.

The trio are gearing up for a tough test in Martinique in November 2022.
The trio is gearing up for a major test in Martinique in November 2022. ©DR

Very athletic, the three young women are already scheduled to meet this summer for a training weekend, especially on the coast to improve their canoeing skills.

“I am a sports enthusiast, I have competed in the CCC (Cyclo-club castelbriantais) in Châteaubriand for 11 years. From there I met Jordan, with whom she ran to Ponchateau. We participated in many competitions together and always kept in touch. »

Since then, the two young women have never lost sight of each other. “We continue to play sports together, from time to time we set ourselves small tasks like a triathlon, small competitions. »

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“We want to surpass ourselves”

Running specialist Liz, their third teammate, will lead the trio to Martinique. “The three of us are very motivated. We’ll have to strengthen our arms for canoeing (laughs), but that doesn’t scare us. We want to surpass ourselves, get out of our comfort zone. »

But before you send your spirit to the West Indiesthree young women must solve the first problem, to collect the money needed to participate in the Raid des Alizés. “We must collect enough to cover the cost of the trip, i.e. 9,842 euros to confirm our registration finally and go on an adventure. The organization will take care of everything from the departure to Paris to the return,” says Marin Kave.

Having received the green light from the organizers, the trio hit the road. looking for sponsors to finance his project. Eventually, The needlewomen calculated that they would have to raise about 13,000 euros to cover additional costs (logistics, insurance, trip to Paris, equipment).

“We have 5 months to complete our funding as of September 1, 2022. For my part, I request companies from Castelbriantese. Therefore, Marine Cave invites local professionals who would like to support her project to contact her. “I am a child of the country! ”, recalls Castelbriantez.

Contact: 06 52 67 68 63

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