confrontation between the Vernet brothers, another match between SU ​​Agen and Provence Rugby

“We deceive ourselves in this”

But despite spending a few minutes in the top 14 in the colors of Var, it was thanks to the change of jerseys, in Provence Rugby for Thomas Sr. and SUA for Corentin, that the two brothers performed at the highest level.

This Friday in Maurice-David, the brothers will finally have the opportunity to “play”. “In the first match,” recalls the youngest, “my brother couldn’t play. So, I ticked off the match in Provence. Rivalry between brothers and sisters is always present. “We joked about it all season to find out when we meet… I think it will be fun. »

And even if all [s]The family will be present at the stadium”, two opponents of one evening do not intend to pretend or spare the sensitivity of the parents. – No, this is impossible. I’m not going to hold back. I’m going to make up for all the bumps we had when we were little. »

Silent Power

Left in 2018 from the RCT, Thomas (27), a pillar of his state, chose to challenge Provence when Corentin (25), second line, opted to stay for another two years before landing in Agen in 2020. Lo-et-Garonne in the Top 14 did not cool the big man (2 meters, 127 kg), who extended the lease with the blue and white for another two years (2024). Proof of the confidence that the second line intends to justify. ” I feel good. At the beginning of the season, the staff gave me a rest to heal the small sores that I had. I healed and regenerated. After that, the very fact of the dismissal is a plus, it gives confidence and I want to show even more. “

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