Cresus Yakpe and Maurice Adinsi distinguished themselves with their efforts – Matin Libre

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The African Senior Amateur Handball Championship continues at the Hall of Arts, Recreation and Sports (Hals) in Cotonou. Wednesday, April 20, 2022 was the third day of the competition with two posters in the program. Chance for Cresus Yakpe and Maurice Adinsi to win Man of the Match with the NSIA Vie Assurance trophy.

For their efforts, Cresus Yakpe and Maurice Adinsi were awarded Man of the Match awards in their matches. In the match between Uac Hbc and Assec de Djougou, it was Cresus Yakpe who was named “Man of the Match” after his team Uac Hbc defeated Assec. He scored 8 goals (together with Beheton Carlos). But his efforts tipped in his favor. Logically, he gets the NSIA Vie Assurance trophy.

In the second match between Aso Tigre and Adjiji’s army team, it was Maurice Adinsi who received the distinction. At the end of the match, the Ajigi player scored 7 goals. The NSIA Vie Assurance was presented to Bonaventure Coggia, Director of Elite Sports (Des) at the Ministry of Sports. As a reminder, the NSIA Vie Assurance trophy is the work of NSIA Vie Assurances, one of the sponsors of this competition.


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