Dedicated pension hotline for women

Closing the retirement gap between men and women is what Sapiendo Retraite wants, which is mobilizing between Monday March 7 and Friday March 11, 2022, proposing the rule of three is: inform, invite to share, encourage to resume professional activities. Events.

This hotline will provide women with concrete answers to their questions about retirement, as well as practical advice at the following number:
01 76 44 15 85 with field experts from 12:00 to 14:00.

Gender inequality persists after retirement. 40% gap in pensions between women and men. The Drees (Research, Evaluation and Statistics Division) 2021 report “Retirees and Pensions” highlights that women’s old-age pensions are on average 40% lower than men’s.

This disparity mirrors career disparities between men and women, as retirement reflects the rewards earned throughout one’s professional life. The figures are telling: at retirement, women receive on average a direct gross pension (excluding survivor’s pension) of only 1,145 euros per month, while for men it is 1,924 euros. Thus, for generations of young pensioners (born in 1952), the difference is 33% compared to 54% for women born in 1930. (Source: Drees.)

Differences vary between pension schemes due to different calculation rules. Thus, the gap for female civil servants is reduced to 16% as their pensions are calculated based on the latest index wage withheld for at least 6 months, eliminating certain career fluctuations.

For other schemes, retirement reflects the best 25 years or even all years of a career without any choice. Sapiendo goes even further with concrete proposals to improve the position of women in retirement and offers solutions that can be quickly implemented.

I like To report : make the right decision in the event of a planned break or reduction in professional activities. Inform with more readable payrolls that show total pension contributions and entitlements. “Through this measure, women would know what they would lose by reducing or interrupting their activities, and would also increase the level of awareness about retirement for all French people. information in this area”emphasizes Valerie Batigne, founder and president of Sapiendo Retraite.

I like Invite share: To restore some balance in favor of those who agree to a decrease in activity for the benefit of the household, invite them to share retirement points.

I like instigate re-employment: to get a better retirement, encourage them to re-engage by providing “boosters”.

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