Emmanuel Macron on the campaign trail: he takes off his boxing gloves, moon sequence!

Emmanuel Macron was this Thursday, April 21, in Saint-Saint-Denis to meet with residents of the northern suburbs of Paris. Passing through the stadium, the president put on boxing gloves and exchanged several blows with a professional. Already a cult series.

The day after inter-round debate emotionally rich, Emmanuel Macron needed to blow off steam. Finally, according to images captured by BFMTV cameras, this Thursday, April 21, at Auguste Delon Stadium Saint Denis. Visiting the northern suburbs of Paris to meet with residents and mingle with representatives of sports associations, the president took advantage of the presence of a professional boxer in front of him to put on gloves and land a few punches. We see him with fists at eye level, with a smile on his lips.

BFMTV presenter recalls as images scroll that Emmanuel Macron used to training with his bodyguardsin the gymnasium of the Elysee Palace. “It’s his way of talking”claims a live journalist who reminds viewers that this episode is nothing but purely political communication.

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Does Emmanuel Macron demonstrate “confidence”?

On the set of a continuous news channel, we question the possibility “confidence” from the President, a candidate for re-election. If it’s true that he appeared very lively and fair during the debate between the two towers opposite it over 2:30 to Marine Le Pen This Wednesday, April 20, viewers at times also felt like candidates “indulgent”. On various issues, Emmanuel Macron did use a tone that some journalists later described as “teacher” against your political opponent. The President repeatedly returned Marine Le Pen to his ranks. accusing him of lying and calls into question its independence.

Brigitte Macron’s husband also sent some highlights to his competitor, who seemed to be amused by social networks and his give some confidence faced with Marine Le Pen, who decided do not redo the same mistakes as in the 2017 debate. Can this overconfidence play a cruel joke on the tenant of the Elysee Palace? Reply this Sunday, April 24that 20 o’clock.

Photo credit: Norbert Scanella / Panoramic / Bestimage

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