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Vaccination pass: graduation, transport and health places

Since March 14, 2022, the vaccination coupon has been suspended. However, in some places, the presentation of a medical certificate remains mandatory.

With March 14, 2022, skipping vaccinations is no longer mandatory, as well as wear a mask indoors, except in public transport and institutions hosting vulnerable people. However, the presentation of a valid medical passport remains mandatory in medical institutions. It consists of providing proof of health: complete vaccination schedule, negative test within 24 hours Where positive RT-PCR or antigen test result indicating recovery from Covid-19 before 6 months of age.

Vaccination: what is the end date?

Following a meeting of the Health Protection Council held on Wednesday, March 3, 2022, the Prime Minister announced the suspension of part of the medical restrictions during March. From March 14, 2022 medical passport is no longer mandatory in all places where it has been requested since then January 24, 2022. Furthermore, wearing a mask indoors is also no longer mandatory. However, it remains mandatory in two cases:public transport andinstitutions hosting vulnerable people. Health passport removed, but presentation of a valid medical passport remains mandatory to enter medical facilities.

Is skipping vaccinations mandatory for air or train travel?

From March 14, 2022commitment to present proof of vaccination action is suspended on all inter-regional public transport. can take a train or plane without presenting a complete vaccination sheet. However, Wearing a mask is mandatory in public transport, including interregional trains and aircraft. This suspension of health measures does not apply to outbound flights as they are also dependent on the health measures in place in the country of destination.

Is a medical certificate required to visit the hospital?

Omission of vaccinations has been suspended in all places where it was mandatory from January 24, 2022. However, medical passport remains mandatory in all health care settings, including hospitals, nursing homes or facilities for the disabled. In addition, caregivers should always provide confirmation of the full vaccination schedule.

Will a vaccination passport remain mandatory at work?

With January 24, 2022, a valuable document for the implementation of their activities should have been presented only by employees of institutions subject to vaccination. Missed vaccinations today removed but medical institutions are still subject to the medical passport therefore, caregivers are still required to provide proof of the full vaccination schedule. This document, put into effect when the fifth wave of the coronavirus epidemic was on the rise again, was canceled on March 14.

What is the health protocol for schools?

From March 14, 2022, sanitary measures for students have been completely suspended, and school staff are no longer required to wear masks. Students can also resume indoor contact sports. However, health protocol for contact cases remains the same: D+2 self-test and isolation for 7 days if positive. It is recommended – for contact cases and the most vulnerable students – to continue to wear a mask.

Places of recreation and culture: is the vaccination card still required?

I have a vaccination certificate also suspended in all places of recreation and cultural events where it is necessary: ​​leisure activities, restaurants and bars, fairs, seminars and exhibitions, department stores and shopping centers. In addition, wearing a mask is no longer mandatory indoors with a vaccination pass, as February 28, 2022.

Vaccination passport: what is it?

A vaccination pass is an official document that allowed access to multiple locations from January 24, 2022. It can take two forms:

  1. Vaccination certificate with all doses of Covid-19 vaccine
  2. Positive RT-PCR or antigen test result confirming recovery from Covid

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