Francinfo Jr. Women play rugby too!

While the French women’s team is currently participating in the Six Nations Tournament, Franceinfo Junior is showing interest in rugby players. Answering children’s questions: Fanny Lechevestrière, sports journalist at Franceinfo.

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After a brilliant match against Italy (39:6), Les Bleues are set to face Ireland on Saturday 2 April during the Six Nations Rugby Tournament. Opportunity for Franceinfo Junior to talk about women’s rugby.

Ask questions this Thursday: several CE1 students, as well as Victor, 9 years old. Their questions are answered by Fanny Lechevestrière, journalist for Franceinfo’s sports department. She follows rugby more and also covered French players training on Wednesday.

“Why do so few women play rugby?” Svetlana asks first. “Women play rugby like men?” then asks Annael. Julia says in turn: “Can women play rugby with men?” Victor is also surprised: “For example, will the coaches be women?” Another schoolboy asks the last question about the audience of these major women’s sports competitions: “EWill people watch women’s or men’s rugby more? I think there is still a big problem of equality between women and men,” he analyzes.

On this page, listen to this interview in full, this interview in Franceinfo Junior and answers from Fanny Lechevestrière, Franceinfo sports journalist.

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