his technique of inviting the most beautiful women

It’s better not to be too well escorted to the room when Allen Iverson landed in the city. That’s according to Philadelphia-born drummer Questlove for The Roots. His anecdote about AI is particularly insane.

“I’m glad ‘Chuck’ (Iverson) is gone because I couldn’t bring beautiful women with me to the gym without fear that his system would be in place. He had a team of ten people. 4 up, 4 down, 2 near the floor. They worked like crazy all over the room to find the girls. I swear I’ve seen unconscious people bring their mistress back and leave her alone to go to the bathroom or have a beer. »

“The guys from Iverson are hot. They run in, spin them cards for AI parties after the game. They explain to them that once they get home, they just need to call the number and the car will pick them up. If I brought a girl, I wouldn’t leave her alone even for two minutes, because these bastards are very fast. Allen’s uncles laughed at me, saying, “You’re lucky Chuck likes you.” »

Oh yeah, Allen Iverson wasn’t joking… I’d love to see what the parties looked like after the game. Or not actually.

Allen Iverson asked for champagne weed, Al Harrington granted his wish

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