his wife Julie Petri talks about the situation

Jeff Petri had a pretty tough 2021/22 season, I’m not telling you anything here. From a 13th-place finisher in the Norris Trophy last year, the quarterback went completely unrecognizable this season, making him the target of many critics.

In particular, in January, it took on a rather horrific scale when several Internet users sent private messages to the defense attorney’s wife in which they directly attacked the man who is Jeff Petrie.

Constructive criticism of the player is not bad in itself. It’s okay to boo a player when you’re on the spot to express your dissatisfaction, after all. But directly attacking a person from behind an athlete (referring to his wife) is unacceptable.

And just last week, Julie Petrie and Angela Price drove through podcast Karl Alzner, and the lawyer’s wife was asked how she is going through this situation.

Our colleagues at Marqueur.com also reported this today.

Julie Petrie was very categorical: she judged (rightly) that such behavior was unacceptable. Despite everything, she says that she is well aware that these comments do not come from true team fans, but many trolls.

And even if she’s seen green and unripe ones since #26 was in Montreal, she admits she couldn’t help but intervene when she saw her husband was attacked not for his performances, but for being a father (she notes that Jeff, by the way, is a great family man).

I thought that was enough. If someone could write such things to me privately, I would have to publicly denounce it to say that it is unacceptable because people and families are involved. This man attacked my husband as a father. – Julie Petrie

Julie Petrie, however, took the time to point out that three people (whose names she still remembers) took the time to apologize after realizing the impact of their comments. As she explains, their excuse was that they didn’t think she would read the messages and that they felt sorry for them.

I take this opportunity to give you a general piece of advice on this (which is also mentioned in the podcast): never text someone that you would not be ready to say to their face. If you ask me, this simple trick will make the Internet a much better place.

In short, very interesting remarks in this podcast which I highly recommend you listen to to learn a little more about Julie Petrie and Angela Price. The two women also talk about their clothing line and discuss some very interesting topics.


– Speaking of Petrie, note that Julie and the couple’s three children are currently in Columbus to view #26. A reunion that will benefit the whole family.

– An interesting point of view from Kim St. Pierre. I think by the end of the season we will see Price in at least four starts, but we can also limit him even more.

– What do you think?

The Flyers want to raise the bar next year.

“Two more years in Chicago for Reese Johnson.

– It’s no surprise that Quebecer Bennedict Maturin declares his right to participate in the next NBA draft. He should be in the top 15 in the draft, maybe even in the top 10.

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