I swore. Polinois handball club held its annual evening with partners

Boys under 15, awarded for participation in the club.
Boys under 15, awarded for participation in the club. (© Voice of Yura)

For the reasons of the municipal council, the program was held in the presence of representatives of the municipalities of Poligny and Arbois. Katherine CatenoseDelegate for Social Affairs Poligny and Ekaterina Budlga3rd Assistant Arbois, represented mayors and sports assistants.

The leaders of the Polish Handball Association presented their partners, without whom “the life of the club will not be the same, because many projects are supported by financial assistance”.

At present, the sports competence is still the responsibility of the municipality, which is why Poligny participates in the form of subsidies, but also in the form of the provision of sports facilities adapted to the hands. Pay attention to the municipality of Saint-Lamen, which also provided assistance to the club. 90 partners participate financially in different ways, 72 panels installed in the Cosec de Poligny.

14 advertisers appear in a stenciled advertisement on a minibus provided by the city of Poligny. The evening was attended by 30 partners, and everyone could testify their satisfaction with the support of such a dynamic association full of projects. In addition to the city of Poligny and the community of municipalities of Coeur du Jour, we can mention, among others, Bigmat, Crédit Mutuel, Groupama, Diager, The Babou, etc.

Selling calendars for match tickets

The dynamism of players’ members and families no longer needs to be proven. Everyone connects as needed.

“This is above all an opportunity and a way to involve young people in the collective and social life of the club.”

Francois PoncePolinois Handball Club President

As proof, the sale of calendars for 2022 netted the club €2,700. Awards were offered to the licensees who sold the most.

engagement plans for the evening

Poligny’s Hand Club is the third club in the Jura, with 296 members, 46% of whom are women. Parity is also on CA with 10 women to 11 men. 18 adult players in an adapted sport with 2 coaches defend themselves very well in regional and national results.

Video: now on Actu

The team has been participating in the national championship for 3 seasons now, taking 3rd place in the standings on the way to qualifying for next year with Besançon and Dijon. 11 young teams are classified by region, and the certified hand school is a good breeding ground. The manual section of the college is also reaping excellent results.

So with such a positive track record, there is nothing more normal than to consider marriage to the tame Arbois club. A union that would allow development at the highest regional level, becoming the “biggest” club in Burgundy Franche-Comté with over 400 members.

Apparently, the marriage contract is already on the way. The engagement was moderately sealed with a glass of friendship and the last beer of the Polish partner Babuna. The partners also highly appreciated the screening of the film directed by Viktor, a former civil servant.

Isabelle Granvaux

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