in Dijon, connected paddle room

Five years after arriving in Norges-la-Ville paddle continues its expansion in the Côte d’Or. Dijon now also has two sites: Boulevard Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny 1. An opportunity to discover this hit discipline and this “connected and autonomous” room.

QR code, digital tablet…

Thus, on Wednesday, April 20, a meeting with Thomas Brissot is scheduled. Observer at Dijon Tennis Club (TCD), he plays paddle for five years and ranked among the top 40 Frenchmen. It was he who suggested that the club create a platform for practicing this sport, which was born in Mexico. Entering the padel park sets the tone for the digital journey: to enter the hall, you need to scan the QR code received after booking a session in the Fit Arena app. Thanks to the glass walls, which are also play elements, the brightness of the area is undeniable.

At the entrance to one of the two playgrounds, Thomas Brissot presents me with another digital instrument. “On this digital tablet, players can define teams and then edit the game sheet by specifying games and sets noted paddle the same scoring system as in tennis. The score is also broadcast on a giant screen. »

play with the walls

After the warm-up, it’s time to get down to business. My goal is not to “beat” Tom Brissot too hard, my doubles partner in this match. If I played tennis and badminton for several years, paddle is the first. Our two opponents, Antoine Boyer and Louis Cellier, also members of the TCD, are experienced players.

The first sensations are very good: the racket holds well in my hand, I easily hit the ball into the opponent’s camp. It is more difficult when the opponent’s referral is long. My teammate advises me to wait for the bounce off the ground, then bounce off the wall before unleashing another volley. But I guessed the trajectory wrong, and my first attempts were unsuccessful. Luckily, it doesn’t occur to anyone to press the button on a tablet to have a sequence in a mobile app. Because the sessions are clearly filmed on camera.

A fun sport where you progress quickly

“It’s coming, it’s coming! I’m guaranteed. That’s right: my progress is real by the minute. The exchanges continue, and even if I don’t have the same touch as others, I enjoy trying lobster , winning volleys and defending against oncoming attacks. But the games are on… At 0-5, our burst of pride allows us to win two games before we lose. kit 2-6.

Despite defeat, my discovery paddle this is a real success. The discipline is both playful and rhythmic. Another positive point: you do not waste time and energy on bringing the balls, given the size of the field (20 x 10 meters). And, in the end, I sweated well. The level difference didn’t seem to bother my friends. Undoubtedly paddle easier to learn than other more popular racket sports.


Schedule, prices

Dijon Tennis-Club Padel Park is open from 7:15 am to 11:15 pm During off-peak hours (from 7:15 am to 12:15 pm and 2:15 pm), the course costs EUR 6 per hour. During peak hours (weekends, as well as from 12:15 to 14:15 and from 17:15 to 23:15 on other days of the week) it is 9 euros. TCD license holders receive a permanent discount (5 and 8 euros).

Equipment rent

To keep users of the room, the eleventh game session is offered. Also, “if you don’t have a racket or balls paddle , it can be rented locally for 3 euros per hour,” explains Thomas Brissot, TCD instructor. Equipment that will be stored in secure lockers.

Groups to find players

Finally, he created WhatsApp level groups to find one or more players to play. You can join them on Padel Park social networks (Padelpark21 on Instagram, Padelpark on Facebook).

Photo LBP /R.  D.

Photo LBP /R. D.

Attract new audiences outside of tennis

Thomas Brissot, TCD Instructor, Padel Player and Project Manager

“Padel Park was made by SMC2 Construction. This is a project that represents an investment of 500,000 euros excluding VAT, 40% funded by the region, the city of Dijon and the French Tennis Federation (FFT) and the rest by the Dijon Tennis Club and me. The building was built on a former clay tennis court, so we had to pay for everything, fill the slab, bring the nets… For the club * the interest is to attract a new audience, outside of tennis, and be able to participate in the financing of the project at one facility: the aim is to embrace our facilities, today in Voltaire, here, with our outdoor areas. »

* It has about 700 members.

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