incredible hail filmed by a local resident

Hailstorm hit South Carolina. Tennis ball-sized hail was filmed by a local resident.

A few days ago, the United States faced a wave of devastating weather. Tornadoes touched Texas and Louisiana, while Arkansas and South Carolina faced heavy hail.

In Ainora, South Carolina, one such hail was filmed by local resident Emily Williams.

Destructive hail

The video, filmed by Emily Williams, shows huge hailstones falling in the garden and on the resident’s house. Over time, the grass in the garden becomes covered with hailstones and becomes whiter and whiter. In a panic, the young woman said that she had never seen such a storm in her city.

Photo Credit: iStock

Hailstones the size of tennis or baseballs caused significant damage to Emily Williams. Indeed, the roof, gutters and siding of his home were damaged by hail.

In one week, South Carolina was swept by 13 tornadoes. As a result of these severe storms, 14 houses were destroyed and 5 more were damaged.

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