Kareem Abdul-Jabbar bets a lot of money on Will Smith in enlightened post

This week the NBA and its players are a little bit like everyone else. They all needed to give their opinion on the slap that Will Smith gave Chris Rock at the Oscars. There are those who spoke briefly on Twitter, and there are Kareem Abdul Jabbar. The Lakers legend, always the leading regular season scorer in NBA history, spoke out in a post he has the secret to. We remember his uncompromising take on LeBron James and his behavior during the pandemic. There, this is the ex-prince of Bel-Air, a fan of the Sixers, by the way, appropriated this title to himself.

Here’s what “KAJ” said to those who were overjoyed to see Will Smith “defend his wife’s honor” after the comedian joke about cutting his wife’s hair.

“It was not just a slap in the face for Chris Rock, but a slap in the face for a woman. By hitting him, he showed that his wife was not able to defend herself alone, from words. This paternalistic attitude infantilizes women and reduces them to the status of damsels in distress who need a big strong man to defend their honor. If he really did it for his wife, and not to prove something to himself, he would think about the negative attention it will bring them, which is much more disturbing than this harmless joke.

Behind him, he went to collect his reward, giving a speech praising himself for protecting his family, like his character in King Richard. Those who defend don’t brag about it in front of 15 million people. They do it and then close it instead of using it to promote their movie. […]

Boys, especially young African Americans, not only saw their idol hit another man because of a prank, but also saw him justify his act by pretending to be a superhero protector. Now they are interested in following his childish behavior.

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One argument for systemic racism in the United States is the idea that blacks are more easily abused and less in control of their emotions. Will Smith consoled the enemy by giving him a vision of what he dreams of.

I met Will Smith 28 years ago when I appeared on The Prince of Bel Air. I’ve been to his house before and I love it. He is a charming, sincere and cheerful person. I am also a fan of his films in which he has shown that he is a skilled and dedicated actor. He deserves all the praise that is given to him on this occasion. But it will be difficult for me to watch his next film and forget about this sad performance.

I don’t want him to be punished or ostracized for a mistake, no matter how serious. But I want this story to be a lesson for people not to romanticize and glorify this bad behavior. I want Will Smith to really be the kind of person who wants to protect people by admitting he did the wrong thing.”

Following the publication of this text by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Will Smith released a statement apologizing for the incident, asking in particular Chris Rock to forgive him for his confusion. Jabbar’s post is available in full HERE.

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