Kyiv offers Moscow negotiations on the fate of Mariupol

Not yet, but you are giving us the opportunity!

It was the first meeting of G20 finance ministers since Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine, and tensions were palpable. Since last month, the Indonesian president has been under pressure to expel Moscow, but he has refused to do so in the name of impartiality.

G20 finance ministers and central bankers gathered on the sidelines of IMF and World Bank meetings in Washington on Wednesday walked out of the meeting room or turned off their screens to protest Russia’s presence. The G7 ministers also secured the participation of Ukraine, which is not a member of the G20, in this meeting.

“War is incompatible with cooperation”This was stated by French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire at the opening of the G20 meeting, urging Russia “refrain from attending meetings” this body, which brings together twenty of the world’s largest economies, including the US, China, India, Brazil, Japan, France and Germany. After failing to get Moscow expelled, ministers including Mr. Le Maire and US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen decided to boycott meetings where Russian officials were to speak.

“This week’s meetings in Washington are designed to support the global economy, and Russia’s illegal incursion into Ukraine poses a serious threat to the global economy.”Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland tweeted, posting a photo of Western officials “left the G20 plenary meeting when Russia tried to intervene”. “Russia should not participate or be included in these meetings”she added. In London, they also note that the British representatives left the hall.

On the other hand, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner defended Berlin’s desire to participate in all meetings, including in the presence of Russian officials. “We will not provide Russia with a platform to spread its propaganda and lies”, he declared. He assured that Germany, which currently chairs the G7, which is scheduled to meet Wednesday afternoon in Washington, on the other hand, is trying to “general reaction, in case of participation of Russian representatives in the meetings” G20 without going into details.

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