Leaked Roberto Carlos microphone talk about Kylian Mbappe’s future (video)

The season is coming to an end in Ligue 1 and in all European Championships. With 5 days left in the French league, Paris Saint-Germain are slowly moving towards their 10th league title. For fans, this record-breaking title (tied with Saint-Étienne) will certainly rise in value later this year as the Champions League disappointment still lingers. PSG will only win one title this season, which is an anomaly for most past seasons. so that the end of the season is perceived by the fans as a success, if possible, it will not go through the field, but through the extension of Kylian Mbappe in the capital club..

“Yes, he’s coming”

The PSG striker, still scoring in the match against Angers, causes panic on the counterattacks. Since the start of the season, he has scored 33 goals and provided 22 assists in all competitions. He is a PSG strongman, perhaps the best player in the world with Karim Benzema at the moment.. Qatari leaders want to extend it at any cost, we are talking about 200 million euros for his residence in Paris (50 million euros per year for two years and 100 million euros upon signing) and such guarantees as the fact that discussions with leaders about possible recruits and ​​certainty that they will be punished during the next two exercises.

Will it be enough? No one knows. It was the Bondi native himself who said he didn’t know. Will he make an announcement at the end of the championship or on title night (it could be at the Parc des Princes this weekend against Lance)? It is hard to say. And the watchers Football also do not know even if they have an opinion. If Daniel Riolo is convinced he will stay, former Real Madrid legend ex-defender Roberto Carlos has just assured a fan that he will come to the White House..

We hear him say in the stadium that he will come when a young fan asks for him. Look :

The reaction of Internet users

In social networks, Internet users commented massively on this episode.

Reading on Twitter:

  • “But quietly, the Mbappe family went on vacation to Doha to tell the leaders to stop harassing their son…”
  • “I think we’ll get air conditioning sooner. If he really wants to join Real Madrid, what will his family be doing in Doha a month after the end of the championship? I doubt”
  • “We are marching on Europe, this is too much, we will have all the cracks …”
  • “I died laughing, it’s Roberto Carlos, not Florentino Perez, calm down a little… nothing!!!”
  • “He’s not going to say otherwise, Roberto Carlos is named Real Madrid, he just made a little kid happy…”


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