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According to a November 2021 study by Lesfurets and CSA Research, French people pay an average of €1,059 per month in limited expenses (rent, fuel, phone bills, etc.), or 35% of their net income. couples with two children are in a particularly difficult position as their limited spending amounts to up to 64% of their monthly income. The situation is even getting worse as inflation should hit 3.7% in 2022, after 1.6% in 2021, according to the Banque de France.

In this context, saving money is essential for many consumers. The websites and apps promise to help them save several hundred euros a year on gas, electricity, phone bills, internet bills, car insurance or home insurance. “Loyalty is not rewarded: you can often save several hundred euros by switching suppliers”says Hugo Salar, president of subscription management app Origame, who found that his customers averaged eight subscriptions.

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In some cases, it is recommended not to change the supplier, but simply terminate the contract. Just complete a gym membership or unlimited movie tickets that you don’t use. Not to mention the places for yoga or meditation, discovered during the first imprisonment, and two years later consigned to oblivion, but whose contribution is still paid.

285 euros for health insurance

When it comes to incompressible costs, online comparators like Lesfurets, LeLynx or Meilleurtaux allow you to get better deals than your current contract in minutes.

For example, according to Lesfurets, customers save €360 on changing car insurance and €285 on health insurance. “Average annual savings on gas and electricity bills are 187 euros, but this has been reduced in three months due to price increases, making alternative offers less attractive than before”Julia Publant, marketing director of the Lesfurets comparator, clarifies.

On this site, the consumer answers a series of questions about their current contract and their needs, after which they are offered alternative contracts. It can then be redirected to the website of the provider selected for the subscription. “We work with over 200 partners across the board, including 34 in auto insurance. This diversity allows us to offer the best prices for our users.” Julia Publan assures.

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