More bikes than cars sold in 2021

2.7 million: this number of bikes sold in 2021. This is an impressive figure, given the decline in the automotive market, where only 1.65 million vehicles were sold. cars Last year. Relatively electric scooterstheir number is also growing rapidly, with 1.8 million sold in 2021.

The bicycle is the best-selling vehicle in France in 2021.

in a bike is becoming more and more popular in France. “It’s a social phenomenon,” Virgil Caillé, General Delegate of the Sport and Cycling Union, pointed out to Inter France. “France is rediscovering the fact that the bicycle is an everyday means of transportation and a real tool for society,” he added.

Indeed, according to a study conducted by this association, bicycle became the best-selling vehicle in 2021in front of the electric scooter, car and very far ahead motorcycles and scooters. Thus, in 2021, 2,789,000 bicycles, 1,796,000 electric scooters, 1,659,000 cars, 210,532 motorcycles and 101,015 scooters would be sold. These figures refer only to sales of new models.

It must be said that this trend is gradually taking hold amid the strikes that hit the Île-de-France hard at the end of 2019 and the Covid-19 crisis, due to which part of the public transport population was removed. And faced with car market in crisis as new cars become more and more expensive, the bicycle becomes the preferred means of transportation.

As such, Union Sport & Cycles recorded a 4% increase in sales in 2021 compared to 2020 and a 15% increase in value terms. Over the past two years, the bicycle market has grown in value terms by 43%.


The bike market that is doing well in times of crisis

Thus, the bicycle market is doing well in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, shortages and supply chain problems. For the association, “French manufacturers are trying to strengthen their domestic production capacity.” To be specific, 800,000 bicycles were produced in France in 2021, compared to 660,000 in 2020.

In addition, 65% of new bikes sold in France were sold in multisport stores. retailers and small brands account for 58% of sales in value terms. “In 2022, more than a million bicycles will be produced in France,” said Virgil Kaye.

The success of electric bicycles

One more thing to note: electric powered bicycles (VAE) is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. They are the symbol of Union Sport & Cycle’s “renewal of the cycle in France”. Thus, 660,000 VAEs were sold in France in 2021 compared to 515,000 in 2020, up 28% year-over-year.

E-bike sales are mostly for “bikers,” people who bike to work. They also represent one in four bike sales in France. But they cost more, averaging 2,000 euros, compared to 700 for a classic bike. Thus, we can also assume that VAE sales have been greatly facilitated by the many measures put in place at the national and local levels.

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