“My Health Space”, a new health insurance application for managing your medical record.

“My health space is on the 21stand century what was Carte Vitale in the twentiethand century. » It was according to this formula that the Ministry of Health launched on February 3 the website “My Health Space”. This free digital health card replaces the General Health Card (DMP), which has only attracted 9 million French people since 2011.

→ EXPLANATION. What is My Health Space, that new generic health file?

This gives access to a patient’s medical record filled out by healthcare professionals for secure messaging and a diary for scheduling appointments and vaccination or screening reminders. Target? Facilitate the path of care and improve coordination between specialists.

Safe to store your medical documents

So don’t forget your GP appointment anymore, as soon as you come to the physiotherapist, the prescription will be available in the My Health section, as well as the X-ray, MRI and other blood test reports. Everyone will be able to complete their medical profile with allergies, current treatments, and advance directives. Particularly useful information in case of emergency hospitalization or when the patient contacts a different doctor.

→ DISCUSSION. Should we embrace My Health Space, the new digital health record?

Each user can freely share their documents or hide them from a certain specialist. In addition, he will be able to see who has viewed or modified his file. “DMP was created for professionals and administration. There, for the first time, the patient is handed the keys to the truck. He is the one who will manage his medical data. This is a real step towards democracy in healthcare.” welcomes Gérard Raymond, President of France Assos Health (1).

Data protection, patient in hand

The health facilities of the 69 million people insured by the social security system will be open if the owner does not object. By the end of March, the Health Insurance Fund will send a code by mail or email that allows you to activate the account or refuse to open it – you will need to connect to monespacesante.fr. In case you lose the secret code or if you don’t want to wait for it to be received, it can already be generated from the site. The telephone number (3422) has also been created to exercise your right to object.

If you do not respond within six weeks, the place will automatically open. However, at any time, the user can request the closure of the account and the deletion of their data. Please note that to support non-digital people, a network of volunteers will be deployed to help get started with the tool.

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