next step in South Africa?

After the US and the Middle East, South Africa could be the next target for the 24th Grand Prix on the Formula 1 calendar.

Liberty Media took control Formula 1 since 2017, with the desire to promote the brand internationally and create a common calendar between the so-called “classic” and new races. For 5 years now, Zandvoort (Netherlands), Imola (Italy), Losail (Qatar), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Miami (USA) and Las Vegas (USA) have appeared on the new F1 calendar.

Now that discipline has established itself on American soil and in the Middle East, the ruling group wouldSouth Africa his next priority. Formula 1 has not appeared in Africa since the last race at Kyalami in 1993. According to our colleagues from Racethe plot in question would probably have done its back in 2024. But for this, the circuit must receive FIA class 1required for the Grand Prix.

1982 South African Grand Prix at Kyalami @IconSport

Between 1993 and the 2000s, few disciplines switched to Kyalami and the quality of the circuit has deteriorated greatly. Since 2014 and purchase of the track by Toby VenterCEO of Porsche in South Africa, the latter has been refurbished to have FIA class 2because holding a Formula 1 Grand Prix was not the goal. Today, all that is missing is the addition of certain safety zones and investment in Tecpro barriers to qualify for FIA Class 1.

Stefano DomenicaliCEO of Formula 1, has stated many times in recent months that his the desire to see again the development of discipline on the African continent :

“In addition to America, in addition to China, I think there is potential in Africa soon. There is a lot of interest there. Surely this is another region that is not yet in the geography of our calendar. “, he said into the microphone. Sky Sport.

AfterLas Vegas Grand Prix Official Announcement For 2023, many riders have reacted by talking about where they would like to race. Lewis Hamilton showed himself especially excited about the return of Formula 1 to the African continent :

“I really want to see South Africa. This is the one I want to hear next. We are on almost every other continent, so why not? After all, my ancestors are from there, so this is important for me personally. I think it’s important for sports. If there is on all other continents, then why not? “.

Photo: Icon Sports

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