On a full date with Savannah, LeBron does a great job!

Los Angeles Lakers NBA superstar LeBron James sent his fans a scathing message about a hot date with his wife Savannah.

@mrs_savannahrj / @kingjames

With the end of the regular season nearing, LeBron James can enjoy some much-awaited rest these days. This Friday, he also took the opportunity to host a gallant dinner for his wife Savannah, during which he shared a poignant message with his fans!

In the league’s still busy schedule, there are several periods of 4 days in a row when he can recharge his batteries. LeBron James however, he has been enjoying such a rest since Wednesday, and he certainly does not spit on it. Injured in his knee for several months, he can rest his joint before the final sprint. But also give some time to your family and wife Savannah!

Romantic advice from Dr. LeBron James

This Friday night, the King could take his spare time by watching the nationally televised matches in the United States, namely the Warriors-Hawks vs. 76ers-Clippers. Instead, it was with his girlfriend that he decided to spend the evening at a good dinner by the fire. A beautiful romantic scene that he happily shared on his Instagram account!

@mrs_savannahrj gallant dinner with my best 🤎🥂

LBJ also took the opportunity to give his recommendations for family life in a story that could become a meme very quickly!

Hey guys always remember one thing. A woman will always appreciate and always get rid of a real heartthrob. Remember the difference between a heartthrob and a coquette. 🔑👑

Visibly very proud of his little surprise in store for Savannah, LeBron has therefore taken himself as an example for a male who he wants to see respect women like he can with his wife. That’s why he last reported it in the last story with the money content message!

Stop being stubborn and treat women the way they should be!

Very happy that he was able to take advantage of a good Friday night to please his wife, LeBron James thus turned into an Instagram family consultant. And hop on, a new cap for LeLoveur!

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