Opening of the Sport 2000 store in Capvern, seven jobs created.

The most important
The Capvern Sport 2000 store opened on Wednesday. The key to hiring and new prospects.

Stephanie and Jean-Marc Durand, the brand’s managers, hail from the Paris region. It is a family project and love for the region, but above all the quality of life that they decided to settle in 2014 with their 2 children. It was because of love and during the war that the woman, her great-grandmother Jeanne, took refuge with her daughter Simone (Stephanie’s grandmother) in the free zone in Saint-Roch in the Bigor Valley, after which she struck up strong friendships with Simone and Nicole (Stephanie’s mother, who settled in Bagneres-de-Bigorre when she retired).

Jean-Marc hails from the Hautes-Alpes and loves mountains. He says: “In turn, we took the plunge and found our cocoon compared to the crazy life of Paris. In Bigorra, we have created sincere friendship in the valleys! Midi every morning!”

Stephanie and Jean-Marc have been working in mass distribution for 30 years in various areas of purchasing and marketing, trade is their department, and the client is sacred! Anecdote “At that time we used to come to my mother’s house for holidays and for every mountain sports expedition or tennis game we went to Tarbes to equip ourselves. I told my husband that it was not normal not to find a specialty store. And then he told me why not us!” And so our adventure began.

We are an independent and family group, open since 2014, who have chosen the Sport 2000 brand for its 100% sporty and fashionable values ​​with modern trade novelties adapted to local and modern trade. We employ 25 people in different valleys, where we opened Puzak, Gourdan-Polignan and today Capvern.

We have 3 all local “shock” teams. All of them are passionate about mountains and the Pyrenees. This is a team of professionals who will be able to advise you and always give you a warm welcome.

We are specialists in mountain sports and various sports, and we also provide a special service for individual ordering of T-shirts for clubs and companies. Experienced athlete or not, must travel many miles to find a sports equipment specialist. Sport in all these forms, whatever it may be, will find its answer when entering our store. Feel free to trust us with your project.

The Capvern store (former Brico Marché) covers an area of ​​1000 m², including 800 m² of retail space with a wide selection of products dedicated to sports and fashion, but for clubs and companies we have an extended catalog for these professionals (firefighters, police, sports clubs, rugby, football, etc.).

Our brand is inspired by this DNA that is 100% local, sporty and trendy. Our task is to equip the locker room of an athlete, recreation or competition. We are driven by advice, for every person who enters into its satisfaction, this is our priority. We are 100% leading sports and fashion brands. We are suitable for the mountains at any time of the year. We offer prices for the whole family with a wide selection of “sporty and trendy” fashion.

We have an innovative loyalty program, “loyalty program”, very generous and completely digital, which helps to develop sports practice. Thanks to this tool, “loyalty and sports booklet” brings you benefits (up to 40 euros direct 100% digital benefits). It’s free and you must ask for it at the box office or at SPORT2000.FR We understand that people who come not only for themselves, but to offer gifts to their family members or friends. That’s why we offer 100 days to change the product.

For the opening, we are going to set up a mechanism or a purchased item, the second is 50% in textiles or shoes, and in addition, we are so happy with the opening in this place that we offer 1 year of shoes or gift cards by lottery.

Find us on Facebook or Instagram @Sport2000 Capvern

With the launch of the Capvern brand, seven jobs have been created. And this is the first time we have an intergenerational team. You are welcomed by the whole team of mountain lovers.

Good luck to everyone and have a good time!”

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