Peer’s new bloodshed in Barcelona… and another defeat

During the defeat against the Korean Kwon Sung-woo in the first round of the tournament in Barcelona (6-4, 6-4), Benoit Paire got carried away again at the end of the first set. He broke his racket to the whistles of the Spanish public.

When something goes wrong, everything goes wrong for Benoît Paire. In the confrontation with the Korean Kwon Sung-woo, the 71st player in the world, in the first round of the tournament in Barcelona, ​​the French lost (6-4, 6-4). Very angry after losing the first set, he hit the Catalan clay many times with his racket before returning to his chair, annoyed that he missed two break points at the end of the set. The racket is already balanced from the first play of the serve.

These gestures of humor are emblematic of a very delicate start to the season for the Frenchman, who remains on eight consecutive first-round eliminations at the ATP circuit (Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Rio, Acapulco, Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo and Barcelona). In Catalonia, he lost to his opponent on the fourth match point due to a major double fault.

Good shape

In Monaco, after losing to Lorenzo Musetti, the 61st player in the world thought he had found the answer to his problems: “It’s hard, these are the moments in my head when I’m in a fever and the match is turned upside down. As far as we can criticize me, say that I am not doing my best, there I have made my best efforts.

If, in his opinion, the physical had nothing to do with these lesions, Peer pointed to his mental, too loose at the moment. “You can be well-prepared if you approach the game under stress, the pressure is on you and you feel bad on the court. I felt it less when I trained less,” the Frenchman complained last week. I’ve always been a “matcher”, I hated to lose. In the end, losing is not anger, but frustration when you find yourself like this on the court.

If he “doesn’t want to go to a psychiatrist,” Peer prefers to see the glass half full. According to him, it’s only a matter of time before he returns: “You just have to win one or two games,” he summed up. We’ll have to wait a bit.

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