Polar Pacer Pro review


User profile:

  • Male
  • Age: 41
  • Sport Profile: Former high-level triathlete, currently focused on “multisport” with swimming, running, CrossFit, only about 12 workouts per week.
  • Polar user for over 20 years!
  • Test duration: the watch was worn for 10 days, never removed from the wrist (except for one charge)


Only 41 grams on the scales, what surprises from the “handle” is the light weight of the watch! Especially for athletes who are used to “big” watches like Polar Vantage V2, Grit X.

In addition to the weight, the sophistication of the watch pleasantly surprises. The “back” of the watch has been redesigned compared to the rest of the watch (and therefore has a different charger from other models) and is completely flat.

Thanks to its low weight and completely flat back, the watch is very pleasant to wear and immediately forgotten! He will be able to convince athletes who are “reluctant” to wear them for long nights (and who thus lose sight of the watch’s main functions, in my opinion: sleep monitoring and recovery status), because, admittedly, it is more comfortable to wear more than other models of the Polar brand.

This also makes it a watch that should appeal to women with thinner wrists.


Everything for progress in running


The Pacer Pro offers a host of features that will delight runners whether they are recreational, competitive on the road, track or trail!

If you like data but more importantly use it to progress, the Polar Flow analysis interface will help you and let you record all your workouts. Connect your watch to Komoot to create and follow routes in advance. With a built-in barometer and Hill Splitter features, trail running enthusiasts will be thrilled.

There are ‘new’ screens during the sessions (for regular Polar customers), specifically race power, with a ‘race car’ style display, which is very exciting!
There is also music control on the wrist at the top (but you have to keep the phone on you, the watch controls the volume and tracks).

The display of this model has been further improved, the contrast of the LCD screen is very high and everything is crisp, clear, visible even when you are completely on the track and take a quick look at the time of its passing.

Performance tests and training recommendations can help runners who want to progress but don’t have a coach.

Training, recovery and nutrition

On top of all the running features, the Pacer Pro has advanced recovery tracking, activity tracking, and power management features. All these tools will help you and motivate you to improve all these other phases of your life on a daily basis.

I especially appreciate the sleep monitoring and when I wake up the Pacer Pro gives me an objective indicator of recovery. Other tests are available: orthostatic test and leg muscle recovery test, all to be in good shape for the next competition.

All of these features are very intuitive and easy to use on watch screens. On long rides and trails, FuelWise helps you manage your diet and your carbohydrate, protein, and fat ratios.


Conclusion: an alternative to Vantage V2?

The Pacer Pro is available for just €299 and is a great alternative to the same brand’s Vantage models. It will benefit from an autonomy of 35 hours of training with continuous GPS and heart rate measurement (1 single charge per 10 days of use with heart rate monitoring at night), even if the watch is oriented to “Running”, it has 130 different sport profiles, and therefore it will adapt to all your other sports, whether fitness, indoor or outdoor sports (including swimming).

In terms of looks and size, the watch will really appeal to women because it is very elegant and more understated than other models in the Polar range.


  • Price/technology ratio
  • Autonomy and display quality
  • Watch aesthetics and interchangeable straps
  • Lots of features to test your level and better manage your recovery

– :

  • To start music, you need to have a phone with you (music control on your wrist)
  • Appearance almost “too low-key/stylish” for some

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