Presidential: hunting, culture, Covid, disability… Subjects excluded from discussion

Supporters of Emmanuel Macron spent the evening at the bar, while RN activists watched the debate each in their living room.
The inter-round debate took place on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. (©CR / Manager)

Almost 3 hours. This is the duration of the debate between rounds between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron which took place on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, live TF1 and France 2.

A show that did not draw crowds, with the lowest audience ever recorded for a debate since 1974 (15.6 million viewers).

The two candidates in the presidential election exchanged in a rhythm of several skirmishes on eight topics brought together in the order established by lot before the exchange.

These were: purchasing power, Europe and international affairs, social issues (pensions, health care, hospitals), the environment, the competitiveness and attractiveness of France, youth (education, training, etc.), security and immigration and institutions.

The main topics for voters, although other topics would also have their place in the debate.

While some of these have been briefly discussed, others have faded into the background.

What topics have gone unnoticed?

• COVID-19

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Conclusion, vaccination plan… two years of pandemic left a mark in the minds of the French and caused a lot of reactions. However, this topic was not on the official list of topics, although during the discussions Covid-19 was briefly discussed when the social aspect was dissected.

Marine Le Pen accused Emmanuel Macron of creating 600 billion euros of additional debt over five years“including two-thirds who have nothing to do with Covid”

What did the interested party push off:

For what it’s worth, you voted no. What would you do? (…) That restaurateurs, artisans come and tell who helped them during the Covid crisis? The government did it!

Emmanuel MacronFormer president and candidate for re-election

On the other hand, not a word vaccinations or in a medical passport, topics strongly opposed by the National Rally candidate.

• Hunting, fishing and animals

The topic of tension, especially in case of accidents, hunting was not touched upon during the discussion. Both candidates do not have specific measures on this issue in their respective programs.

animal care neither was discussed, although Marine Le Pen briefly sketched it when discussing the future of the planet:

Free trade has done a lot of harm to animals. When we adopt schemes where we give birth to animals in France, we will transport them in painful conditions to fatten them up and then hundreds of kilometers to slaughter them. It is a model that creates unemployment in our country, greenhouse gas emissions, animal suffering (…)

Marine Le PenCandidate (RN) in presidential elections

• Culture

Culture, considered non-essential at the time of incarceration, was not discussed during this debate between the two rounds.

In his program, Emmanuel Macron proposes various measures, namelyextension of the cultural subscription and investment in European metaverses, while Marine Le Pen is placing more emphasis on heritage by creating a National Heritage Service open to volunteers aged 18 to 24.

• Gender equality and discrimination

Here is also the topicequality of men and women was excluded from the discussion, although the outgoing president “regretted” that he could not dwell on it. His opponent brought up the subject during the exchange for headscarf in public space.

“I think that the veil is a uniform imposed by the Islamists and I think that a significant part of the women who wear it have no choice, even if they dare not talk about it. We must free all these women, and for this we must ban the wearing of the veil in public places, ”she said.

For discrimination, the same silence. If in the respective programs onlyban on surrogacy is common to the two candidates, their differences are numerous, in particular in terms of abortion (12 weeks for Marine Le Pen and 14 weeks for Emmanuel Macron).

• Frame

Another major concern of the French: housing. If it was not part of the official theme, it was referred to by the candidates.

First, Emmanuel Macron during the education debate. The outgoing president promises better support for students in their housing. Then, during exchanges around the third age, it was indicated that it was necessary to improve the housing of older people who wanted to stay at home.

It was during the debate about the security of the country that Marine Le Pen (quickly) let go of her ambitions: “There will be the expulsion of foreign criminals, the abolition of ius soli, the realization of the national priority in housing and employment.

• Disability

The issue of disability was not part of the campaign agenda developed during the debate. Emmanuel Macron also regrets that this topic was not discussed in more detail. On the other hand, Marine Le Pen spoke of her desire deconjugalize care for an adult with a disability (AAH).

A promise to which those of his program are added (not discussed yesterday) as an increase in the length of care leave (from three to twelve months), as well as a specific allowance of 300 euros per month for caregivers to choose home support for a person who help.

Emmanuel Macron wants to increase the working hours of those who accompany students with disabilities to 35 hours.

• Unemployment insurance and social benefits

Unemployment insurance reform is one of the key decisions of Macron’s five-year term and the subject of much controversy. However, during the debate, not a word about this measure.

One some unemployment data were promoted in one direction or another.

Marine Le Pen denounces the “distorted” drop in unemployment among “the unemployed A, B, C, who were 5.5 million when you were elected” and “today they are 5.4 million.”

Figures disputed by his opponent: “Today, in spite of everything, contrary to the figures that you can cite, we have reduced unemployment. It grew from 9.6 to 7.4%. No one considers categories B and C of unemployment, since they are partially active.”

As for social assistance, Emmanuel Macron did not talk about it, while Marine Le Pen reaffirmed her desire to double the assistance and allowances for single-parent families.

• Sports

Once again, the sports theme was not included in the official debate topics. Although Emmanuel Macron was quick to mention this during discussions about education, advocating the importance exercise 30 minutes a day at school.

• Decriminalization of cannabis

If the item was not exchanged between the two candidates, both agree: they do not support the legalization of cannabis.

Other topics were not in the spotlight this Wednesday, April 20th. This concerned tourism, the right to vote for foreigners, the right to asylum or even working hours.

For this topic, you can find all programs of all presidential candidates in our comparator.

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