prevention continues after the death of Peyo Oihamburu in Ustaritsa

Emotions and solidarity this Monday in Ustarica to draw attention to the topic of “sudden death of an athlete”. More than 300 people gathered for the rugby-5 tournament. funds will be transferred to the fund Heart and research. An event organized one year after the sudden death of Ustaritsa rugby player Peyo Oihamburu while jogging. The phenomenon responsible for 800-1200 sports deaths per year. More than 6,000 euros was raised thanks to the bar, as well as donations from about thirty partners, including the Departmental Council of the Pyrenees-Atlantiques or the municipality of Ustarica.

10 golden rules for dressing room and club wall decals.
10 golden rules for dressing room and club wall decals. © Radio France
Ivan Plantey

After the death of Peyo Oihamburu, the club published list of recommendations from sports cardiologists in his dressing room. The 10 golden rules everyone should read before every game, according to youth coach Brahim Benhamad:Posters have been distributed to all players. It is also a form of self-diagnosis that can be applied to every individual.

It was found that my heart is too big compared to the average – Andoni Berho, a mainstay of the U19 Ustaritz team.

Together with other teachers, he advises young graduates carry out tests as soon as there is any doubt. At the beginning of the season, Andoni Berjo is surprised by the results. This young U19 player from Ustaritsa says he was “found the heart too large compared to the average. After several examinations, they saw that the heart was returning to normal, which is why it is called the “athlete’s heart.”. After all, it’s not dangerous.“.

Availability of defibrillators questionable

Brahim’s other fight is a defibrillator. “The only negative that can be noticed is that the defibrillator is in a closed room. It would be nice if it could be accessed without having to go for the key if it’s hidden somewhere.“, – he moderates. The first of the warnings remains medical visit for grandfather Peyo Oyhamburu, Alena Fariskota: “When this is well done, there is questioning and auscultation. Thanks to this, we detect only 10% of cardiac pathologies.” He resumed “If you add a resting electrocardiogram, then this figure rises to 60%.

The Ustaritz defibrillator is located in a room that is open on match days.
The Ustaritz defibrillator is located in a room that is open on match days. © Radio France
Ivan Plantey

In order to prolong this prophylaxis, the Committee of the Olympic and Sports Department of the Atlantic Pyrenees wants buy electrocardiograms for testing college students in which there is a sports section.

Ten Rules of Sports Conduct

  1. I tell my doctor about any chest pain or abnormal shortness of breath that occurs with exertion*
  2. I tell my doctor about any palpitations that occur during or immediately after exercising*
  3. I report any discomfort that occurs during or immediately after exercise to my doctor*
  4. I always follow a 10-minute warm-up and cool-down during sports.
  5. I drink 3 to 4 sips of water every 30 minutes during training and competition.
  6. I avoid intense activities in outdoor temperatures < – 5° или > +30° and during pollution peaks
  7. I never smoke 1 hour before or 2 hours after sports.
  8. I never dope and generally avoid self-medication.
  9. I don’t do intense sports if I have a fever, and within 8 days of a flu attack (fever + body aches)
  10. I have a health check before resuming intense exercise if I am over 35 for men and 45 for women.

*Regardless of my age, fitness and performance level, or results of a previous cardiac evaluation.

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