PSG, OL and others on the level of salaries in women’s football

The two main forces of French women’s football hide the much less rosy reality of other clubs.

Equal pay for men and women in football is not a matter of tomorrow. While PSG’s Ligue 1 wages are on the rise and have stabilized for the rest, wages in the D1 Arkéma, France’s first division for women, are paltry in comparison. The comparison is already difficult to establish in terms of status, and the D1 woman is not yet professional.

So two clubs are doing well in terms of salaries, namely OL and PSG, the two main forces in France. Average gross salary of €12,000, estimated Team, Olympique Lyon remains the club that pays the best players and “remains the most attractive European club in terms of wages“, – continues the newspaper. Thus, the captain Wendy Renard is at the top of D1 salaries (on par with the Parisian Cadidiatou Diani) with 37,000 euros gross per month, just ahead of the Norwegian Ada Hegerberg (35,000 euros per month), the first player to receive the Golden women’s ball (2018).. A total of 14 Lyons entered the top 20 of the women’s D1.

Players are forced to combine work

Thus, with a salary scale that averages €9,000 gross per month, the PSG women’s club is the second highest paid club in France. Note the monthly €18,000 for Marie Antoinette Catoto, the club’s all-time leading scorer (135 goals in 153 appearances), who should logically be upgraded as her contract expires in June.

But the salaries charged by these two professional and innovative formations in women’s football are just the tip of the iceberg. So below Bordeaux (€3,200 per month), the 9 remaining D1 teams have an average salary grid below €2,000 gross per month. Not to mention that some players, like at FF Issy-les-Moulineaux, are forced to juggle a second job, unable to make a living from football. At Île-de-France, some players are paid per match in this way (€120), far from the expected benefit three years after the 2019 World Cup in France.

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