Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is ​​saved despite the explosions near the track

While the second round of the Formula 1 World Championship is scheduled to take place on Sunday in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, an explosion occurred about twenty kilometers from the site. But the F1 boss has confirmed that the Grand Prix will take place.

Clear answer. Despite growing concern about the explosion about twenty kilometers from the Jeddah circuit, the President of Formula 1 has confirmed the holding of the second round of the world championship in Saudi Arabia. “For the first time we have received complete confidence in the security of the country. They have placed all the systems to protect this territory. Therefore, we are convinced that we must trust the local authorities in this regard. We will of course continue the event,” said Stefano. Domenicalli.

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Meeting with pilots

Present along with F1 President Mohammed Ben Sulay, added that the organizers “were not aiming at the track. We had meetings with high level security and then we had meetings with team managers and drivers,” said the FIA ​​president as he left the meeting with the teams. and drivers, and make sure that they are targeting the infrastructure of the economy, and not civilians and, of course, not the highway. Of course, we checked the facts with them and we had assurances from higher-ranking security officials here and will run.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Toto Wolff assured that it was “a good meeting. We were assured that we were protected here, probably the safest place in Saudi Arabia at the moment. This is what we’re going to run for. On Friday afternoon, a massive explosion set off a spectacular fire at oil giant Aramco’s oil plant in Jeddah, just about twenty kilometers from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the second round of the F1 World Championship. It’s not an accident, it’s a terrorist attack. , for which the Yemeni Houthi rebels took up.

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