Solidarity hike for three athletes

Laurie Co, Marie Bignon and Chloe Maran, three friends who were united by sports and noble causes, under the influence of Lori, decided to make Rose Trip Maroc, a journey of orientation and solidarity, 100% feminine. Organized by Désertours, affiliated with Ruban Rose, it will run from October 27 to November 1 and will take on several hundred teams of three. About the team’s motives, Laurie Ko explains: “I love challenges and I leave with friends armed with a map, compass and good shoes for a cause that concerns us. Breast cancer is rewarding.”. Three of our friends are currently training on twenty kilometer hikes and intend to increase their efforts, especially during a period of very hot weather. On site, they will be equipped with beacons with geolocation, will be under the supervision of medical personnel, accommodated and fed.

If the team registration is settled, the funding for the entire trip, totaling €7,115, is not full. A team called Les filles du Sud n°279 opened an online kitten on HelloAsso with Nézitrail and on Facebook in their name. Therefore, sponsors are welcome, they will appear on the clothes and on the Facebook page.

The Rose Trip provides financial support to isolated women in the Errachidia province of Morocco.

Contact by phone 06 69 92 33 44.

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