spectacular images of hail and tornadoes hitting Arkansas

Strong hail was recorded on the night of Monday to Tuesday in Arkansas, in the south of the United States. Some hailstones are the size of a tennis ball.

Weather disruptions continue to stress American life. After a series of tornadoes in Texas and Louisiana a few weeks ago, the state of Arkansas, in the southern United States, was also hit by a “large and very dangerous” tornado last night, our colleagues at CNN report.

An alert has been issued in the Little Rock area, and authorities and the Weather Channel have urged residents to seek shelter as soon as possible.

The images of the tornado, shared by several Internet users on social media and broadcast by the US media, are impressive.

More rain in the coming days?

In addition to tornadoes, Arkansas was also hit by heavy hail. And there, too, striking images, some hailstones the size of a tennis ball.

According to the US weather channel, this weather event is expected to last for several days in the southern United States.

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