Sport in Bayonne is also and above all associated with women.

“Today, there is a real dynamic in Bayonne around women’s sports, the spectrum of which is much wider than rugby or zumba,” says Cyril Legillon, deputy mayor in charge of sports. The former ASB rugby player, for example, is a staunch supporter of handball matches on the Basque coast in Lauga, in the N1F, and wants all women’s sports to be valued this month, “from players to observers, bypassing all volunteers, and there are many of them in our clubs. »

Gender equality

Until May 15, the city of Bayonne will pay attention to women through sports, cultural and educational activities. “We have made the development of women’s sports practice and the enhancement of diversity in the life of Bayonne sports clubs at the center of our concern,” continues the elected official who worked on this case in duet with Deborah Lupien-Suarez, deputy in charge of gender equality: “Wealth and diversity women’s sports are a real force in our territory.”

Cyril Legillon wants to increase diversity in the life of Bayonne sports clubs.

Cyril Legillon wants to increase diversity in the life of Bayonne sports clubs.

Bertrand Lapegue

The proposed program will include several highlights, culminating in the unprecedented clash at Stade Jean Dauger for the France women’s rugby team against England in the Six Nations Women’s Tournament, Saturday 30 April 3:00:15:00 “We are already applied for France-Scotland but Covid got through it, this time we have Crunch, that’s the exception,” says Cyril Legillon.

Highlights also include the evening film debate in Atalante about the Olympique Lyonnais women’s team on Friday 6 May at 20:00 with the screening of the documentary “Les Joueuses #paslàpourdanser” in the presence of director Stephanie Gilliard with testimony. Lausseni Sangaré, president of the Aviron Bayonnais football club and its women’s section.

There will also be an Odysséa women’s race in favor of the fight against cancer. The third edition, expected to be 3,000 participants, will take place on May 15, 2022 (children’s run, walking, adult run of 5 km and 10 km).

As part of this women’s sports month, students at La Citadelle and Simone-Veil public elementary schools in Bayonne are being educated by Perle Bouge, a top-class rowing athlete with a disability.

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