Stop “sexualizing” female athletes in the media

“We should have the freedom to choose how we want to show our body,” says US world champion Sasha DiGiulian. The professional mountaineer advocates respectful media coverage of female athletes, leaving aside appearances in favor of performances. September 2021. The International Federation of Climbing (IFSC), which is responsible for organizing the competition, apologizes for the second time this season to Johanna Farber, a 23-year-old Austrian climber. Indeed, a few days earlier, during the World Championships in Moscow, the IFSC broadcast live on YouTube a close-up and an extended shot of her buttocks. An incident following a similar event that occurred at the World Championships in Innsbruck, Austria on 26 June. “The video is disrespectful and what follows is even worse. Everyone commented on the event, which can’t be said about my climbing performance,” Joanna Farber told me, who received comments on social media suggesting that if she’s upset about this media cover, wear more modest clothing and make sure she posts Instagram doesn’t “draw” attention to her body. View this post on Instagram Post shared by Joanna Ferber – New Account (@_yohoney__) The messages came from strangers reading the story as it unfolded on the New York Post, CNN and Daily Mail. “It seems to me that all the comments that I received were about what women should not do,” the climber said. Before Instagram blocked her account, likely due to user posts about her photos, she said the Austrian described the situation as disrespectful and upsetting. “I am an athlete and I am here to show my performance,” she wrote in the post. “Honestly, I’m so…

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