Tarbes – Women and sports: CDOS strives for equal rights for women

Since 2017, CDOS 65 has been taking active steps towards women and their involvement in leading sports.

If the practice of women is changing for the better, then the place of women in sports among the leaders still needs to be promoted to a large extent.

The Olympic and Sports Committee of the Hautes-Pyrenees Department and its Education and Citizenship Commission in charge of Women and Sports launched the action with a broadcast this Thursday, April 14, 2022, at the CAC de Séméac du Film. “Female Athletes: A Media Journey of Female Fighters” and debate on the subject.

During this meeting, which led to a rich exchange of views in the presence of Patrick Chevalier, producer of the film, and a representative of CREF 65 (Women’s Entrepreneurship Resource Center), a project was born to organize round tables and start substantive work.

Therefore, CDOS 65, in partnership with stakeholders such as “EQUITAFF” and CREF 65 (Advise, Inform, Encourage, Educate) wishes to establish a time for an exchange of views on the theme: “Success for women, association in a different way.”

The topics developed will facilitate women’s access to responsibilities and the development of the individual potential of a volunteer.

These discussions will help understand strategies for accessing positions of responsibility and support women in the dynamics of development and change. The aim is to support women by allowing them easier access to positions of responsibility in associations.Joining this group will allow them to benefit from the experience other members, exchange, develop a network and avoid isolation.

In the near future, the project will be presented to committees, clubs and the press.

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