Tarn: insurance consultant defrauded family and clients of 155,000 euros

The most important
Between 2015 and 2019, Castreise, 59, then an insurance consultant, embezzled money from regular customers, including relatives, between Reval and Sorez to lead a good life. Tried yesterday, she was convicted by the Judicial Court of Castres.

To listen to his portrait painted by the victims, they would have given him to God without repentance. This was before the discovery of the unthinkable. “This is an incredible betrayal. We did not expect this, I would never have suspected that it comes out, so sparkling, shining. We all trusted her,” laments the daughter of one of the 8 victims, who is at the helm of the Castres court on Tuesday, February 22.

In Reval and Sorez, between 2015 and 2019, an insurance consultant misappropriated about 155,000 euros for personal use from the wallets of loyal customers, originally intended for financial investments.

“Betrayal” even in the family circle. In the midst of a divorce, her ex-husband takes over his accounts and is surprised to discover a pot of roses: receipts for his order, signed by his ex-wife, including from his sister and brother, for several thousand euros.

Warned, the gendarmes conduct their investigation and eventually stop the scam of the adviser Castrese, who settled in Revel. In front of justices of the peace, she will justify the waste to maintain her lifestyle despite a monthly salary of around 4,500 euros: “I fell into a trap, it was an easy decision,” she said. there were “donations” to her former family and that her ex-husband “knew everything”.

It’s always the same method every time: the consultant uses a bad move by clients to get them into an unhealthy scheme.

Lack of empathy, no excuses

In the hall, the victims or their representatives do not like the arguments of the defendant much, and this mania regularly accuses others without justifying the slightest justification.

“A lack of empathy that worries and surprises” the accusation. “I respected him a lot. I just lost my husband, it’s a shame,” testifies a deceived older woman who is supported by another: “Today we almost got the impression that he is a victim. »

To one of the civil litigation lawyers: “She led a secular lifestyle at the expense of her friends, her family. This is unbearable, this is the dirtiest dishonesty! “The defense will answer after a long argument that her client wanted to “gain access to what she did not have socially” in front of the defendant.

The court sentenced La Castraz to 18 months in prison with a two-year probationary period.

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