Tennis: the best accessories for your child

Tomorrow’s Rogers Federer and Novak Djokovic need the right accessories to kickstart their young tennis careers. So even small children can have fun playing tennis for the first time. By the way, in this sport they train a wide range of skills such as strength, endurance, coordination and agility. Fortunately, various manufacturers of tennis accessories offer products for the youngest children from the age of 3 years. In the following lines, we present the best accessories for your child who plays tennis.

Children’s tennis racket

Tennis is not just a sport that adults love. Children also love this very fast ball sport. In order to practice properly, they first need a children’s tennis racket that is ideal for their size and age. The best children’s tennis rackets are usually made from aluminum or graphite. This makes them relatively light and therefore easy to handle. In order for a children’s tennis racket to really be used for several years, height, size and strength must be perfectly matched. When looking for the right tennis racquet for children, parents should take into account the age of the child, the length of the tennis racquet, and the frequency of use.

Comfort snowshoes are suitable for beginners who are not yet in good physical shape. And who does not know the technique of the game. These tennis rackets are light and have a large head. They are perfect for kids learning to play tennis. Universal rackets have more weight and a larger head. And, as their name suggests, they are a good choice for experienced kids. Those who play recreational matches as well as small competitions.

Weight is one of the main determining factors when choosing a racket. It will determine the amplitude and speed of the SWING. The heavier the racket, the more effort the child will need to move it. Heavier children’s racquets transmit less vibration, provide more directional control, and generate more power. However, on the other hand, they are more difficult to deal with.

Children’s tennis clothing

Whether your kids have just discovered tennis or have been training for years, they need the right clothes. High-quality children’s tennis clothes are ideal, which will pamper your child with a feeling of airiness and lightness. All uppers and lowers must be made of breathable materials that provide an optimal microclimate of the body. Some manufacturers also equip their children’s tennis clothing with innovative technologies. Nike products are equipped with a clever Dri-FIT feature that keeps your child’s sweat out. In this way, perfect moisture management is guaranteed even during extended wear. The Adidas brand uses Climalite technology in its collections. It is a special blended fabric that optimizes air circulation on the skin and effectively prevents skin irritation.

Shoes, balls and more

So that your offspring never lose their grip when playing tennis, you will find high-quality children’s tennis shoes with us. All models are equipped with a profiled sole and provide optimal grip on any surface. And if your little one still needs the right racquet, take a look at our kids tennis equipment. In addition to kid-friendly racquets, the collection also features tennis balls and roomy backpacks that your child can carry their gear safely on the court. Practical, some bags feature reflective details so your child can be seen better by other road users on the way to training.

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