Tennis unanimous in kindergarten

Saint-Georges-sur-Greater. Children’s tennis. On Friday, the eve of spring break, two classes of the middle and large kindergartens of the La Guillaumée school group completed their cycle of introduction to tennis.

Consisting of workshops with racket games, motor skills courses and first ball throws with age-adapted equipment, the six activities offered during this cycle allowed children to discover tennis on the courts of the city. They were supplemented in the classroom with two introductory sessions with the technical terms of tennis.

“We want to continue”

“We had a lot of fun,” sum up Zakharia, Kaliya, Tom, Ema and their friends who enjoyed coming to school for tennis lessons. “We want to keep hitting the ball,” they unanimously declared.

Under the gaze of Raphael’s class mascot, the children went through motor skills exercises, master classes in throwing and catching the ball with and without a racket, and fun master classes in making hoops, blocks and other items.

This joint action between the kindergarten and the club of the future was part of the preparation for obtaining the state diploma of youth, public education and sports, including tennis, by Lionel Mathis, who teaches these activities at the sports club. She was appreciated by the children and the teaching staff. “This tennis project has been under consideration for a long time,” says Margot Valle, director of the kindergarten. In addition, the buildings are located near the school. These master classes pleasantly surprised me with the quality of the lessons and the pleasure that the children experienced. I would like this action to happen over time. »

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