The city of Bayonne is committed to women’s sport

From April 19 to May 15, the city of Bayonne has decided to showcase the richness and diversity of women’s sports in its territory through sports, cultural and educational events.

A sports city at its core, the city of Bayonne has placed the development of women’s sports and the enhancement of diversity in the life of Bayonne’s sports clubs at the center of its concerns. This strong orientation of Cyril Legillon in the field of physical and sports activities is largely in line with the more central issue of gender equality, the delegation of which was entrusted to Deborah Lupien-Suarez. A topic that we will find particularly relevant until mid-May.

For over a month, the city of Bayonne, through sports, cultural and educational events, will showcase the wide range of mixed and women’s practices that take place in the city. On this occasion, she will highlight the women and men who are working to develop women’s sports in Bayonne.

A few highlights of the program until May

The proposed program will include highlights such as the unprecedented clash at Stade Jean Dauger for the France women’s rugby team against England in the Women’s Six Nations Tournament, an evening of film debates in Atalanta about the Olympique Lyonnais women’s team. and finally the women’s Odyssea race in favor of fighting cancer.

As part of this month dedicated to women’s sports, educational and educational sessions are organized for students of the Bayonne public primary schools La Citadelle and Simone-Veil with the participation of Perle Bouge, a parachute rowing champion. Portraits of Bayonne’s athletes and leaders will be featured by May 15 on the city’s website (, on social media and in the municipal magazine.

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