The Crazy Confessions of Magic Johnson

Leading the Lakers to the top of the NBA, Magic Johnson quickly became a legend in Los Angeles. And in the 80s, this status gave many privileges, especially in personal life. He was desired by all, and he made some great discoveries about it.

The NBA of the 80s and 90s was very different from the current NBA, and not necessarily just for sporting reasons. So it is clear that the game was not the same, with more advanced physical combat and less long-range shots, but above all the attitude of players off the field has changed. Without social networks to show them like LaMelo Ball a few days agothe big names of the time could afford to deviate without fear of the slightest repercussions.

Dennis Rodman was undoubtedly a master at this, he had already hot nights at the Bulls training facility with the real superstar of the last millennium, Carmen Electra. And that’s not all, as he’s already taken a break in the middle of the regular season to throw a party in Las Vegas that would cause a huge scandal these days, and rightly so.

Magic Johnson liked to sleep in unusual places.

And even before him, others, such as Wilt Chamberlain and his 20,000 sexual partners, or Magic Johnson, the king of Los Angeles in the 80s, distinguished themselves with particularly exciting intimate lives. What’s more, an interview just surfaced on social media in which he candidly talked about his craziest parts of his legs in the air… Definitely, that was for another time.

All women have different fantasies, and I have always tried to satisfy their wildest desires. It was my business. I’ve done this before in an elevator. Sometimes I like to live dangerously. I also did this in a company office with people meeting in the room next door. My partner gave a look that said it all.

I told him that it’s impossible to do it in the office when everyone is around. She simply answered me: “Yes, we will do it, I don’t have underwear, so let’s go. This is the first time I’ve sweated during intercourse, I was looking all around me, I was more focused on the environment than on my partner. I prayed that no one would come in.

When Suns orgy broke down, social media reactions were numerous, with a mixture of surprise and amusement. But when you see what Magic Johnson did alone to satisfy his desires for victory, it’s hard to imagine the atmosphere in the Showtime Lakers dressing room after big wins. Devin Booker and his teammates would pass for small players.

It’s no secret in the NBA, Magic Johnson was a huge player. seducer during his tenure with the Lakers on particularly busy nights. And as on earth, he thought above all others, that’s what it means to be a great leader.

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