The referee of the final of the French Cup revealed himself, the fans are furious

There are only 5 days left before the French Championship. And if Paris Saint-Germain should be Ligue 1 champions, except for a series of five defeats, then the rest of the meetings will be spectacular, because there are, for example, three teams 56 points behind Olympique de Marseille, 2nd place : “Rennes”, “Strasbourg”. and Monaco. And at the bottom of the rankings, everything remains playable for maintenance. Except that the Mets are a bit out of their element. Beyond Ligue 1, as far as France is concerned, there is also a Coupe de France final on 7 May between OGC Nice and FC Nantes..

An event for these two formations that have not competed for the title for a long time.

Jerome Rothen mocks

The one who will referee this prestigious match, yes, because it will be a woman, will be Stephanie Frappart. who will add a line to the long list of her first accomplishments as a female referee. His appointment to manage the Coupe de France Nice-Nantes final on 7 May was approved by the federation’s executive committee on Thursday. However, while this certainly puts women first, which is a good thing, the fans of the two finalist clubs are not thrilled, nor are the fans Football “neutral” because Madame Frappart hadn’t been very persuasive since she was an arbiter.

She really often becomes the object of criticism and ridicule. For Jérôme Rotin, this choice does not work, and he announced this on his Twitter account, writing this :”My God… Poor football! Poor FF! and what is his merit ??? In every game, do bullshit! I seriously think about the other judges… and I get the feeling they think the same way as I do.”.

The match is more than two weeks away, and it’s already making a lot of ink flow. Stephanie Frappart will be under enormous pressure…

The reaction of Internet users

In social networks, Netizens have commented en masse and, with the exception of a few opponents, they are in complete agreement with the former Paris Saint-Germain player..

Reading on Twitter:

  • “Letexier and Frappart are the two worst players this season, repeating grotesque mistakes. Whether it is a woman or a man, when a person is incompetent, it must be said…”
  • “But we know very well why SHE is the referee in Ligue 1… That being said, there are others who are there for reasons other than sport… Now the real problem is that they are ALL Vattellier Turpin Bastien Piñar sucks…etc. d…”
  • “I don’t remember seeing Piñar yesterday before the Estac match… it’s a draw and he’s from FIFA like the others. This weekend we take Lesage, I cry …
  • “We hit bottom, I don’t understand FFF anymore, or rather, I understand it too well …”


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