These figures show discrimination against older women at work.

A woman and a senior, this is sometimes a double punishment in the labor market. The numbers are plentiful and prove that women over 45 are subject to severe discrimination in the second half of their careers. First, the employment rate of the population aged 55-64: among men it is 56% against only 51% among women.

There is also a place for women in the upper echelons of business: 23% of managerial and intellectual professions are men over 50 years old. Among women, this figure drops to 14%. Part-time work: 10% of older men work part-time, compared to nearly 33% of women. Finally, the pay gap: among executives, Apec, an executive recruiting association, calculated that the gap was only 4% at the beginning of a career with an equivalent profile, but it rises to 12% among executives over 55 years of age.

The differences increase with age due, of course, to the more unequal paths marked by maternity leave and part-time work. The result is less access to training and management positions. A report by the High Council for Vocational Equality between Women and Men notes that when they lose their jobs, women are more likely than men to find or accept small jobs or fall into inactivity.

Associations help older women. One of them, Force Femmes, has a network throughout France. A network of ten chapters and 950 volunteers who, since its inception in 2005, have accompanied over 30,000 women over 45. In addition to personalized support, Force Femmes offers two free online programs. The younger one’s name is “On the Road to Employment”. Explanatory videos, practice sheets, quizzes and forms to boost your confidence, prepare for an interview, practice speaking or manage your time.

Another program is called “My Box” dedicated to future entrepreneurs, those who believe that in order to find a job, it is better to create your own.

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