three women for one grand prize

Since the international meeting of the 9th art invites the authors to vote to determine the three finalists, then the main prize of the city of Angouleme, three women have never outshone the men.

In a profession where these gentlemen remain in the majority, on this unprecedented podium, the real novelty lies in the choice of Julie Doucet. Discovered here just before the early 2000s, the 56-year-old Quebecer prefers autobiographical comics without complacency. Proven to everyone Maxiplot just delivered by the Association Publishing House.

For Penélope Bagier, 40, internationally renowned for her portraits of women. “breeches“, this is the second appointment in Angouleme.

As for Catherine Mouriss, 42, former Charlie Hebdoelected to the Academy of Fine Arts and cultivating an intimate connection with beauty, memory and nature in her books, she has attracted the attention of her peers for the third time.

The name of the winner and therefore the new main prize of the city of Angouleme will be announced on the eve of the opening of the festival, on Wednesday evening, March 16, 2022.

Angouleme this year honors American Chris Ware, who was crowned a year ago. Also not to be missed is a retrospective by Christophe Blaine, author Quai d’Orsay, Isaac the Piratefrom the western series Gusand which in recent months has enjoyed real success in bookstores with Endless world (Dargo), signed jointly with Jean-Marc Jankovici.

As for the Asian scene, Angouleme will pay tribute to the late horror manga master Shigeru Mizuki. The next generation is Tatsuki Fujimoto, 28, and already a cult figure. He comes to France for the festival.


look backfrom Tatsuki Fujimoto in Kaze

Look back. (© FUJIMOTO Tatsuki / Shueisha / Kaze)

After fire strike and chain saw manTatsuki Fujimoto returns with look back manga with a completely different style than the previous ones. This one-shot was awarded the prestigious Taishō Award, which has been awarded annually since 2008 to the best manga of the year. The jury is mostly made up of booksellers.

Contrary to chain saw man or in fire strike, there is no violence, action or bombast. Everything is in the visual, in the feeling, there are dialogues, but not excessively.

I wanted to tell the story with as little dialogue as possible and typical manga expressions. Since I had over 50 pages, I could do it very well with little dialogue, and thanks to editing and staging“, he explains.

The mangaka tells about the friendship of two young girls who are future manga authors. Fujino, a gifted teenager, is absolutely confident in his talent. Kyomoto, she hides in her room and studies tirelessly. Together, they share a passionate passion for drawing and become invariably close.

Sacrifice, obsession with creativity, art school, there are many elements that make you think of Tatsuki Fujimoto. He himself admits that “in both characters we find (his) personality and especially in the character of Fujino“.

In addition to creative passion, doubts that torment the artist, themes of friendship, the desire to progress, move forward are touched upon. In this touching, introspective manga, many readers can find themselves.

During the festival in Angouleme The L’Alpha Media Library will host the exhibition “Tatsuki Fujimoto: Heroes of Chaos”. It isA captivating exhibition in the author’s universe opens the door to the baroque world, between destructive superheroism and all-consuming intimacy.

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